red wallet

A fashionable and comfortable wallet is a good purchase that will serve you faithfully for several years. Many girls try to choose the brightest and most extravagant product that would stand out against the background of their monotonous counterparts. In this case, a red women’s wallet would be appropriate. He instantly draws attention to his owner and emphasizes her well-groomed hands and stylish manicure. In addition, the Taoist practice of feng shui says that a warm cool color helps to concentrate monetary energy.

Varieties of wallets

Designers managed to appreciate the attractive power of red and released entire lines of red women’s wallets.

  1. The Chanel brand offers clients a red purse with a quilted top, adorned with a brand name. Some products from Chanel are closed with a lock in the form of a logo with two intersecting letters «C». This castle is called «Classic Flaps».
  2. The original models were offered by the Italian trading house Furla. The brand’s designers have developed a women’s red leather wallet, decorated with a signature dot print. This accessory has many compartments for bills, coins, business cards and bank cards.
  3. The BOTTEGA VENETA brand distinguished itself with an unusual approach. He offered fashionistas women’s red leather wallets with branded weaving called Intecciato. This technique involves weaving strips of leather, which requires the participation of two masters at once. The corrugated surface of the wallet is in good contact with the skin and retains its presentation for a long time.

A lacquered red wallet looks bright and attractive. It is represented by the brands Hermes, Cromia and Versace. The only drawback of the lacquer model is that fingerprints remain on it.