red bag

Perhaps it is difficult to find an accessory more appropriate for images of a wide variety of styles and colors than a red bag. On the one hand, it may seem that its bright shade requires the organization of some kind of “duet”, be it boots, or at least a chiffon scarf. However, real fashionistas have long known that when choosing a bag of this color, no “special” rules need to be observed.

Images with a red bag

According to some fashionistas, if there is such a miracle as a women’s red bag, the whole ensemble seems to be created around it. The peculiarity of this accessory is that it easily complements both a strict classic look and an everyday urban look. Speaking about the variety of women’s red bags, it is worth noting that designers today offer styles with different textures, decor, sizes and shapes. So, among the most popular models:

  • bag-tablet, shaped like a vertical rectangle;
  • gondola – a classic Italian model, usually of a smooth oval shape;
  • baguette – a roomy vertically elongated bag with two long handles – a stylish solution for an urban fashionista;
  • clutch – a small stylish handbag that effectively complements the evening look.

Based on the style, each girl can easily determine for herself what to wear with a red bag. If we are talking about an image for every day, then an outfit that combines skinny jeans, a blouse and an elongated cardigan is quite suitable. At the same time, if the colors in the image are of a calm range, then a bright bag will just become that stylish, bright detail that will “dilute” the outfit. When choosing a set for going out, and opting for the good old classic – an elegant black dress, it will not be out of place to complement your spectacular exit with a red clutch and high-heeled shoes of the same color.

Lacquer or leather for a red bag?

In addition to the model range, red bags differ in the type of material used. The personal preferences of a fashionista play a paramount role here, because someone prefers exclusively matte natural leather, someone, on the contrary, makes their choice in favor of lacquer textures.

However, a red lacquer bag is a very insidious accessory, it can not only make the image stylish and to some extent even fatal, but also completely ruin it, creating the effect of absolute bad taste. The thing is that the lacquer coating is very capricious, it requires a certain harmony in the image and similarity of textures. Such an accessory will not be at all appropriate with jeans and a T-shirt, but with an autumn flared raincoat and patent leather boots it will create the desired effect.

As for the red leather bag, it is not so “finicky”, which is why this natural material is perhaps the most popular among fashionistas who choose their next model of this stylish accessory.