planje headwear

The Russian brand PlanJe is one of the most popular on the world market, representing stylish headwear. Today, designers present original fashion collections of hats, hats, caps, bandanas and other accessories made of leather, cashmere, felt, fur and fabric. The level of PlanJe headwear is already so high that the stylish brand is known all over the world and firmly and with dignity has established itself in the fashion world. The popularity of the Russian brand is also due to reasonable prices and high quality materials. Planje designers present not only women’s hats, but also men’s ones. In addition, the range allows you to choose the right model depending on age, not to mention taste preferences. However, it is women’s hats, hats and other headwear that are in great demand. However, this is not surprising. After all, fashionistas like to create unusual and mysterious images with stylish accessories much more than the male half of the population.

The last season’s collections of trendy cashmere and felt hats by Planje made a big splash. Designers offer girls such stylish models as a bowler hat, fedora and cloche. Such styles perfectly decorate in the demi-season period. In addition, according to many stylists, such models are quite versatile, as they are suitable for almost any type of appearance.

Planje hats

In addition to hats, fashionable hats have become quite a popular type of Planje brand headwear. Today, fashion brand designers offer stylish natural fur models. The styles of hats are presented both from expensive furs and more budget ones. You can choose an excellent hat made of sheared beaver or silver fox, or choose a suitable model from a muton. In any case, having bought a Planje headdress, you will emphasize your sense of style and excellent taste.