The German company Picard was founded in 1928 by Martin Picard and his two sons, Edmund and Alois. At first, the business was very small and the brand’s collections fit in the trunk of a bicycle, but over time, the company began to grow and develop. Nowadays, Picard brand bags are known and popular all over the world. The company, which has made excellent quality and affordable prices its credo, has never changed these principles throughout its existence and, probably, that is why it was able to achieve worldwide recognition and fame. After all, not all brands are able to withstand fierce competition in the global market. Let’s take a closer look at what Picard bags are and what their undeniable advantages are, which are noted by women all over the world.

Women’s Picard bags

Quality. In general, this company is one of the few enterprises that, so to speak, do everything themselves. The dressing of animal skins also takes place at the Picard factories, which guarantees excellent quality, because the whole process is carefully controlled. Therefore, the brand’s products are always distinguished by the highest quality, because Picard bags are made from the best genuine leather. So, buying such a bag, you can be sure that it will serve you for more than one season, but will become an adornment of your wardrobe for at least several years.

Style. The second huge advantage of Picard leather bags is that each model looks incredibly stylish, feminine and elegant. One such bag will be quite enough to bring sophistication and beauty into the simplest image. Picard makes excellent business-style leather bags that are a real symbol of a business woman, as well as more casual models that will appeal to women who prefer classic and luxurious elegance. And the indisputable advantage of Picard bags is that they can go with any style of clothing, except, perhaps, sports. In order to look feminine and elegant with such a bag, you don’t have to wear a strict dress at all, it’s quite possible to limit yourself to jeans with a shirt and a raincoat – the image will be no less perfect. And all because accessories, such as bags, scarves and hats, play an almost paramount role in the images. And the bags of this German brand do their job perfectly.