Perfume Turbulence

Turbulences Perfume is a vintage fragrance that was taken out of mass production decades ago. Nevertheless, even today, albeit with difficulty, you can find the spirits of Turbulence. But it is quite likely that you will not hear the smell that once captivated the hearts of many women, because the ingredients that were used to create it are now replaced by synthetic ones.

How to distinguish the original?

Turbulence is a French perfume, and therefore it is quite simple to distinguish a fake from the original before purchasing the product. If you are buying perfume online, ask the seller to send you a photo of the product, and read the labels on the box and bottle. They must be in French.

Also, do not seek to acquire perfumes that are already open. Perfume tends to deteriorate if it is opened, and therefore even partially used perfumes are no longer fit to be worn.

When purchasing a vintage perfume, women know that perfumes must have the right storage conditions – over time, aromas from natural ingredients become richer and more interesting if they have been standing for several decades in a dark place at a temperature not lower than 18 and not higher than 27 degrees. If the perfume was opened, then, most likely, during this time they managed to oxidize, and as a result, a sharp and unpleasant aroma is obtained, the origin and name of which can only be guessed from the packaging.

Due to such high storage requirements and the rarity of the fragrance, its price can reach $1,000 or more. But the mere willingness to pay this money for vintage perfumes is not enough – it is important to understand the aroma and find a conscientious seller.

Creation of Revillon perfumes

Turbulence perfume was created by the Revillon company, which began its existence in 1839. Its founder, Louis-Victor Revilon, started the business by creating luxury furs. He opened a boutique in London in 1869 and was quite successful in creating things from the furs of exotic animals.

In 1930, the business expanded – the production of perfumes began, which was intended for the then elite. Despite the fact that the fragrance that gained popularity for the Revilon brand was called Carnet de Bel, today many people remember Revilon precisely as the manufacturer of Turbulens.

Perfume notes Turbulences Revillon

Turbulence is characterized as a sexy and sensual feminine fragrance. The luxury, which is characteristic of many retro perfumes, is due to the successful combination of natural ingredients. The Turbulence fragrance was created in 1981, and it almost immediately became popular not only at home, but also abroad.

This is a woody-chypre fragrance with sharp transitions and a fairly heavy sillage, offset by delicate floral notes. It was created in the best French traditions. Perfume Turbulence and has long become a classic of French perfumery. Of course, such a perfume is intended for special occasions – gala evening events, where a woman should feel like a queen of the ball.

The beginning of the fragrance is fresh and bright, consisting of combinations of cumin and mint, bergamot and green notes. This fresh and interesting opening continues with middle notes of nutmeg, combined with sage, rose, jasmine, walnut, pepper, tuberose, lily of the valley iris and ylang ylang. The harmonious combination of delicate floral notes with hot spicy notes continues with the oriental base, which consists of musk, cedar, vetiver, vanilla and amber.

Turbulences Revillon Perfume is a blend of elegant, opulent French mystique, now kept in a rare and precious vintage bottle.