The popular Moschino brand is one of the best-selling brands in the world. This is not surprising, because the variety of aromas allows you to choose a perfume for any woman.

Perfume Moschino I Love Love

Perfume Moschino Love Love released in 2004. They belong to the family of floral-fruity fragrances. Designed for young and energetic girls. Suitable for everyday use. Moschino Love Love perfumes are simply created for dates and spring mood.

Top notes: grapefruit, lemon, orange, red currant.

Middle notes: lily of the valley, tea rose, reeds and cinnamon.

Base notes: musk, cedar, tonka bean.

moschino lava lava perfume

Perfume Moschino Funny

Moschino Fanny — perfume for young and romantic natures. Perfume belongs to the family of floral and fruity fragrances. Designed for daytime use. The smell of Moschino toilet water can be described as gentle, cheerful and very sensual. Floral notes are pronounced, which gives the scent femininity and attractiveness.

Top notes: orange, pink pepper, red currant.

Middle notes: jasmine, peony, green tea.

Base notes: amber, moss, woody notes, cedar.

Perfume Moschino Funny

Perfume Moschino Pink Bouquet

Among the creations of the masters of Moschino perfume-novelties is this fragrance. The scent belongs to the fruity-floral family. Designed for dates and evening application. The bottle in the shape of a heart cannot go unnoticed, and the smell itself is very suitable for dreamy and in love women. The scent of this Moschino eau de toilette is exciting and mysterious, with a bit of playfulness.

Top notes: bergamot, pineapple, raspberry.

Middle notes: jasmine, pink lily of the valley, peony and violet.

Base notes: musk, gingerbread and peach.

Perfume Moschino Pink Bouquet

Perfume Moschino Toujours Glamor

These Moschino Perfumes are designed for everyday use. The smell belongs to the family of fruity, green and musky fragrances. The perfume has a daring, but at the same time very feminine character. A great way to emphasize the sophistication and sophistication of female nature.

Top notes: redcurrant, cardamom oil and violet leaves.

Middle notes: lily of the valley, jasmine sambac.

Base notes: bitter almond, musk, benzoin.

Perfume Moschino Toujours Glamor

Perfume Moschino Glamor

This women’s perfume from Moschino is designed for seductive, sensual and courageous women. The fragrance belongs to the floral-fruity family. Designed for evening application, but it is appropriate to use for everyday use. The glamorous perfume Moschino has an exciting and sensual character, the smell is exotic and charming.

Top notes: wormwood, tangerine, sea salt.

Middle notes: lilies, orchids, hibiscus.

Base notes: amber, cedar, white musk.

Perfume Moschino Glamor

Perfume Moschino Cheap and Chic

This is the perfect perfume for cheerful young women with a light and playful disposition. They belong to the flower family. The aroma is refined, has a mysterious and soft character. Designed for a romantic date or evening application.

Top notes: lemon, mandarin, peach.

Middle notes: rose, cyclamen, freesia.

Base notes: cedar, musk, vanilla, moss.

Perfume Moschino Cheap and Chic

Perfume Moschino Couture

The scent of a floral, woody-musky family. Designed for everyday use. The fragrance is sensual, cheerful and very gentle. Suitable for mischievous and extraordinary personalities, elegant and romantic women.

Top notes: bergamot, pepper, mandarin.

Middle notes: yellow poppy, pomegranate, jasmine.

Base notes: benzoin, vanilla, cedar.

Perfume Moschino Couture

Perfume Moschino Light Clouds

The character of the fragrance is energetic, slightly windy and liberated. The smell belongs to the family of floral, woody-musky. It is this fragrance that is saturated with spring mood, and therefore it is most welcome at the first signs of blues and bad mood.

Top notes: peach, cyclamen.

Middle notes: lotus, jasmine, rose.

Base notes: ambrette, cedar, musk.

Perfume Moschino Light Clouds