Perfume Fragonard

For many girls, the aroma of their perfume is very important, because it is a kind of visiting card of femininity and sexuality. Therefore, many of the fair sex choose Fragonard perfumes, which have delightful and unforgettable aromas.

Self-sustaining perfume company

The perfume company was founded by entrepreneur Evgeny Futch. This business can be called a family business, since since 1926 it has always been owned by the Costa family. It was during the work of Jean-Francois Costa, Futch’s grandson, that the company reached its highest peak of development.

One of the important aspects of the popularity of Fragonard perfumes is that the company manufactures them in-house. After all, many perfume brands practice ordering perfumes from other manufacturers.

Especially for the creation of delicious perfume aromas, various herbs and flowers are grown near the factory, on their own plantations. The basis of all Fragonard perfumes are herbal ingredients. Of particular interest is the rose and jasmine. Each fragrance of Fragonard perfume is unusual and delightful in its own way. This is a kind of work of art that millions of women can appreciate.

Perfume Fragonard Etoile

Perfume released by the company in 2009 for cheerful women who know how to be different and at the same time special. It will perfectly emphasize the unpredictability and elegance of its owner.

Top notes: bergamot, red apple, ginger.

Heart notes: lily of the valley, lily, jasmine, gardenia.

Trail notes: amber and virginian cedar.

Perfume Fragonard Etoile

Perfume Fragonard Diamant

The fragrance was created in 2006 for true ladies. A very simple and at the same time sophisticated bottle conceals an incredibly attractive oriental floral fragrance.

Top notes: Corsican orange, mandarin and pepper.

Heart notes: jasmine, plum and rose.

Trail notes: musk, vanilla, caramel, patchouli leaf.

Perfume Fragonard Diamant

Perfume Fragonard Muguet

This is a light summer fragrance that was released in 2013. With such a sophisticated and exciting fragrance, no woman will go unnoticed.

Top notes: pepper, neroli.

Heart notes: lily of the valley, white freesia and jasmine.

Trail notes: musk, cedar and amber.

Perfume Fragonard Muguet

Perfume Fragonard Belle Cheri

Floral-fruity fragrance of 2012. The perfume is very sunny and joyful, which will undoubtedly affect the mood of its owner.

Top notes: carambola, tangerine.

Heart notes: lily of the valley, jasmine, heliotrope.

Trail notes: vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean.

Perfume Fragonard Belle Cheri

Perfume Fragonard Frivol

Perfume Fragonard Frivole is a fragrance of lightness and enthusiasm, which was released in 2012. It is ideal for active girls who are always optimistic.

Top notes: mandarin, lemon, bergamot and green notes.

Heart notes: peony, jasmine and white lily.

Trail notes: iris, patchouli, honeysuckle and amber.

Perfume Fragonard Frivol

Perfume Miranda Fragonard

The mysterious and seductive oriental floral fragrance Miranda Fragonard was launched in 2005. This French Fragonard perfume has a warm, velvety and cozy fragrance that emphasizes the greatness of its owner and her sexuality.

Top notes: coconut and bergamot.

Heart notes: jasmine and yling ylang.

Trail notes: sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

Perfume Miranda Fragonard

Perfume Fragonard Beauty of the Night

Fragonard Belle de Nuit was created in 2001. The perfume is incredibly passionate and refined. Perfect to complement an elegant evening dress at a social event. Thanks to him, the girl can feel like a real beauty of the night.

Top notes: violet, mirabilis, plum.

Heart notes: geranium, rose, mirabilis.

Trail notes: musk.

Perfume Fragonard Beauty of the Night