Talented designer of Lebanese origin Elie Saab belongs to the category of fashion designers whose work is yet another proof that a person of oriental origin can quite cope with the role of trendsetter. Elie Saab’s designs skillfully intertwine Eastern and Western traditions and motifs.

Creating his masterpieces, the designer uses only the best fabrics, the finest handmade lace, skillful embroidery, precious and semi-precious stones and other attributes of luxury. The fashion designer opened his first atelier for tailoring women’s clothing in 1982 in Lebanon. In 1998, the fashion designer launched the prĂȘt-a-porter collection in Milan, and in 2012 in Paris. Elie Saab’s collections feature gorgeous trouser suits, chic dresses and blouses, and unrivaled bridal gowns. Elie Saab is also known for his red carpet evening gowns. No less popular is the perfumery of Elie Saab.

Having gained popularity as the author of exclusive clothes and accessories, in 2011 the designer supplemented his reputation with his own perfume compositions. Elie Saab perfumes amaze with their splendor and unsurpassed floral bouquets.

Elie Saab Le Perfume

This debut fragrance was developed in 2011 by renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. The delicate and incredibly delicate fragrance of Elie Saab Le Parfume captures the magic and beauty with which, literally, models flutter along the catwalk. A magical honey-floral composition with a slightly tart tinge and a unique trail impresses from the first seconds.

Top notes: orange color.

Middle notes: jasmine sambac.

Base notes: Virginia cedar, patchouli, white honey and rose.

Perfume Elie Saab

Eau de Toilette Elie Saab

A year after the release of the debut perfume, perfumer Francis Kurkdjian introduced a new fragrance, Elie Saab. A new toilet water was developed in 2012. This delicate fragrance with an unsurpassed floral-woody bouquet is inspired by the famous designer’s memories of the homeland and home of his childhood and youth. It is filled with the smell of blossoming orange orchards and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. The new Elie Saab perfume has a clear, carefully calibrated bouquet with subtle chypre notes.

Top notes: tangerine color.

Middle notes: orange blossom, gardenia.

Base notes: honey, vetiver, rose.

elie saab toilet water