Bruno Banani is a relatively young brand in the global luxury perfume market. The first perfumes of Bruno Banani were released at the beginning of this millennium. They immediately won loyal fans who remain faithful to them to this day. During this time, several fragrances by Bruno Banani came out, which became real bestsellers.

Perfume Bruno Banani Woman

This is one of the first fragrances from Bruno Banani. It was he who made this brand famous. The packaging of eau de toilette attracts attention: an unusual curved cone, which, according to the designers’ idea, is one of a pair of horns on the head of a mischievous sexy girl from advertising. This image is very suitable for this fragrance: it is light and playful. It has fruity and floral notes. It is diverse: it opens from an energetic splash to a deep, enveloping pleasant train.

Top notes: lily and orange.

Middle notes: freesia, peach and lily of the valley.

Base notes: vanilla, musk

bruno banani woman

Fragrance Bruno Banani Time to Play Woman

This popular women’s perfume from Bruno Banani appealed to many women and consolidated the success of the new brand of luxury perfumery. The aroma is sweet and truly delicious, instilling a playful and light mood, as well as a lot of explosive energy for new achievements and adventures.

Top notes: tangerine and coconut.

Middle notes: jasmine, clove and cinnamon.

Base notes: sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla.

bruno banani time to play

Perfume Bruno Banani Magic Woman

This is another fairly well-known option from Bruno Banani. They contain a mysterious sexual energy, exciting and alluring. The smell is able to create such a mood in which a woman is able to conquer anyone. Magic Woman Bruno Banani is a magical and incredibly attractive perfume.

Top notes: light fruity notes of strawberry and melon.

Middle notes: lily of the valley, strawberry.

Base notes: spicy scent of sandalwood and musk.

bruno banani magic woman

Fragrance Bruno Banani Pure Woman

This fashionable perfume for women is a hymn to true femininity: light and impregnable at first, and then passionate, deep and unbridled. They are like splashes of champagne, sparkling and intoxicating. Pure Woman is a special fragrance in the Bruno Banani perfume line. It is suitable for courageous women who are not afraid to always be in the center of male attention.

Top notes: currant and tangerine.

Middle notes: cyclamen, peony, mango.

Base notes: amber trail with vanilla sweetness.

bruno banani pure woman

Perfume Bruno Banani Made for Woman

They are made in the beloved distinctive style of Bruno Banani: the bottle coquettishly tilted to the side, a bright sparkling scent. They are stylish and glamorous: pink, shiny, complemented by a silver bracelet — this is able to please every woman. Made for Women is sexy and sweet.

Top notes: berry notes of blackberry.

Middle notes: smells of exotic fruits and red berries.

Base notes: deep woody and watery notes.

bruno banani made for women

Perfume Bruno Banani Dangeros Woman

This is a novelty among Bruno Banani perfumes, which appeared at the very beginning of 2013. Today it is a trendy fragrance. It feels sharp oriental notes, mysterious and unpredictable. A real masterpiece for bold and even dangerous sexy women.

Top notes: spicy currant smell.

Middle notes: tenderness of coconut milk.

Base notes: vanilla and heliotrope.

bruno banani dangerous woman

All of these perfumes are united by one idea: these are playful bottles tilted to the side, combined with special, feminine fragrances. They are in the same price range. Today, 50 ml of Bruno Banani eau de toilette will cost an average of 30 to 60 USD.

It is surprising that the creators of toilet and perfume water Bruno Banani have an amazingly accurate sense of how exactly female sexuality can be expressed. This is their main secret, allowing these fragrances to remain in demand and popular.