Patterns of knitted hats

If the thermometer ceases to please with high temperatures, and it rains more and more often outside the window and a piercing wind blows, then it is time to warm up. A necessary accessory in the autumn-winter season will be a hat. At the moment, different models of knitted hats are presented on store shelves, but even there it is sometimes impossible to find a suitable product. Sometimes you want to add a headdress to a sweater or coat, and choose a product that would repeat the pattern or color on the clothes. In this case, the choice is much more complicated and the search may not always end with the acquisition of the desired hat. How to proceed?

Here knitting needles / hooks and threads come to the aid of the girls. With this simple set of tools, you can make amazing models of knitted hats that will match your idea.

Popular models of knitted hats

When choosing a hat style, you need to take into account the level of complexity of knitting. It is usually indicated in the description of the knitting pattern. If you are just learning to knit, pick up something simple, without complex patterns and embossed ornaments. Let this be your «training» work. After it, when you learn how to read the diagrams and master the knitting needles well, the level of difficulty can be increased. What models of women’s knitted hats are popular with talented needlewomen?

  1. Beret. Volumetric models of knitted berets with an overhanging edge and models with a laconic silhouette, stylized as the 70s, look very nice. There are several knitting techniques: top (from the crown), bottom (from the elastic), cross knitting, as well as motifs from different shapes.
  2. Oversized knitted hats. Models with patterns in the form of honeycombs and braids of various shades look beautiful. Here the rule works — the more voluminous the product, the better. Mittens, scarves, ponchos, mitts, etc. that match the color can be knitted to the headdress.
  3. Fine knit hats. They are decorated with various ornaments in ethnic style, zigzag patterns and Norwegian patterns. This coloring symbolizes comfort, therefore it warms with one of its appearance. Hats are well suited for sports style and will be appropriate with puffy jackets and parkas.
  4. Hat-sock. A model that is slightly lowered at the back of the head. The hat can be worn in different ways: tuck the top edge into the bottom, leave it sticking up and hanging freely at the back. For knitting, it is advisable to use yarn of medium thickness so that the knitted fabric does not turn out to be too dense and the hat drapes beautifully.
  5. Trumpet hat. Her knitting pattern is extremely simple, as it does not require complex transitions and decreasing loops. The product is simply knitted in a circle until it reaches the desired length. Patterns from braids, “knobs” and classic elastic look beautiful on the cap of the snood. You can use two types of yarn by adding angora yarn.

Before you start knitting a hat yourself, it is advisable to measure the parameters of the head and calculate the number of loops. In this case, the hat will not pinch and sit well.

How to decorate a knitted hat?

So you finally knitted a hat and you understand that something is missing in it. There is no zest that makes a thing special and elegant. You need to add an extra touch. Here you can use several tricks that are appropriate for models of winter knitted hats.

If this is a sports model, then a pom-pom will suit her. It can hang freely or be tightly sewn to the crown of the headdress. You can also decorate a scarf with similar pompoms.

For delicate berets and romantic openwork hats, a knitted flower or an elegant brooch is suitable. They will emphasize the beauty of the product and make it more refined. Some needlewomen embroider the hat with beads or glass beads.