panama nike

Firms producing sports shoes and equipment cannot ignore such an important element of clothing as a headdress. Panama Nike is a combination of fashionable youth design and the highest technologies in fabric processing and tailoring.

Nike panama fashion models

Like any other fashion brand, Nike releases new collections of clothing and hats every year. Some of the presented models become real hits and break all records of demand. This happened, for example, with a Nike panama with hieroglyphs. This model is called Panama Nike Fake, and its logo is slightly changed. He has a serrated tail. The hieroglyphs on this model in Japanese mean “Anarchy”, and this headdress is an example of youth rebellion, contempt for prohibitions and a desire to go beyond what is permitted. This Panama Nike with hieroglyphs is sewn from 100% cotton, which allows the head to feel comfortable in it even in extreme heat. She has a traditional panama shape, small round lowered fields, which, if desired, can be tucked. The inscription is in white.

More traditional panama models with a discreet design are also in fashion. They can be performed in different colors. Traditional black Nike panamas are most in demand, and even this season, special preference is given to models in pastel colors, which perfectly refresh the look and even go with some romantic looks.

Fashion style with a Nike panama hat

Since Nike models have a pronounced sporty character, they will best fit into kits of just such an orientation. Sports pants, leggings, shorts, T-shirts, T-shirts, sneakers and sneakers will be the best match with sports panamas. This version of the hat is suitable for outdoor recreation or long hikes, as the free cut of such a hat will not put pressure on the head. Such panamas, especially the Fake model mentioned above, fit well into casual style, in particular, into its youth variety. Jeans, skirts and dresses with a sporty cut, sandals with a flat sole or a massive platform, backpacks or shoulder bags – in such sets, panama will be the most appropriate and will be able to perfectly protect from the scorching sun while walking around the city, going to school or work.