panama hat

A headdress such as a panama can be a universal choice for women of any age, with any physique, height and face shape. In addition, panama is one of the most trendy sun protection hats that will be popular this summer.

The benefits of a women’s panama

Summer panamas for women have a number of advantages that make them a desirable purchase for many of the fair sex. First, they are very comfortable. Due to the soft shape and the absence of a frame, such a hat can be safely carried in a bag when folded, and if necessary, it can be taken out and used. Panama will not lose its appearance, and slight bruising is rather typical of this model. The second advantage of such a headdress is its small soft brim. Women’s panamas for the summer from the sun can be easily worn, even if you have to move around the city by public transport. In addition, the brim of such a hat can be tucked in various ways. If necessary, it is easy to open the face or, conversely, hide it from the direct rays of the hot summer sun. Finally, a big plus of a women’s panama hat is that it is made from natural fabrics, usually cotton or linen, which allows the skin to breathe and prevents the head from overheating. Knitted panamas for women are also relevant, which, due to the properties of knitted fabric, have additional ventilation.

What to wear with a women’s panama?

This year, the most relevant options will be summer panamas in delicate, pastel colors. Such models do not attract excess sun rays, which protects the head from overheating, and also refresh the complexion and look very fresh. These panamas can be combined with clothes of similar shades, as well as with bright sets in a related range. For example, a hat in the shade of young foliage can be safely worn with a sundress in bright green and yellow tones, as well as green and olive maxi skirts.

In terms of style, panamas are best suited for relaxed casual, as well as for various variations of a sporty look. Pair them with shorts, casual sundresses, shirt dresses, flared skirts, complete with simple t-shirts and tank tops. Shoes are best to pick up on a flat sole or platform. Wedge sandals will do as well. As a bag, it is better to choose small options on a shoulder strap, as well as a variety of backpacks that are fashionable this year.