Palio bags

The Italian brand Palio has been operating for over 60 years and has managed to successfully gain a foothold in the global market. The brand offers a wide range of bags and wallets that meet the latest fashion trends. Palio sews its collections of bags from the best Italian genuine leather. When finishing, high-quality fittings are used, which significantly increases the service life of the product.

The company employs more than 900 highly qualified specialists who are engaged in certain areas of production. This approach to the manufacture of leather products testifies to the seriousness of the brand’s intentions in satisfying the pretentious tastes of customers. We will tell you more about Palio leather women’s bags below.

Palio bags

To begin with, it should be noted that these products do not differ in complex details and unusual shapes. They are quite simple and concise, therefore they are a universal accessory for many outfits. The main audience of the brand are adult women with excellent taste and classic style in clothes. Young people are unlikely to appreciate the simplicity and uncomplicatedness of the models, although there are exceptions.

Palio bags are highly valued all over the world, so some negligent manufacturers try to sell fake models at a price identical to the exclusive product. How not to run into a “replica” bag? To do this, you need to know the distinctive features of the original product:

  • the literal image of the brand must necessarily match its name;
  • the wallet compartment contains a brand tag made of genuine leather;
  • the bag comes with a branded storage bag;
  • the inscription “palio” is displayed on fittings (metal key chains, lightning);
  • the company logo must be present on the lining.

In addition, all models, without exception, are made of genuine leather. Leatherette inserts also indicate a fake product.

The lineup

Leather women’s bags Palio made in Italy are represented by a variety of models. Here you will find a suitable option for work, leisure, study and long-distance travel. The following styles are in the greatest demand:

  1. Satchel (from the English “satchel” – “satchel”). Outwardly, the bag resembles a male diplomat, but there are small details that make it more feminine and stylish. The “diplomat for ladies” has several spacious compartments for documents and many pockets for small things. On the soft wall of the product there is a long strap, and in the central part there is a short handle. The designers decorated the Palio women’s diplomats with textured inserts and short metal legs. The satchel model is a great option for a lady who appreciates comfort and convenience.
  2. Model Hobo (from the English “tramp, itinerant worker”). This product has the shape of a crescent, a long clasp for separating and a large handle. A hobo bag is designed for everyday wear, but it is not advisable to put documents and bulky items in it. When heavy objects are worn, the product stretches and loses its original shape, the documents in it are wrinkled.
  3. Tote bag. The new Palio collection offers women practical roomy bags that can hold magazines, documents and important accessories. Such models have a rectangular shape, two small handles and one large internal compartment.
  4. Summer bags Palio. These are miniature models in the form of a saddle (Saddle bag) and clutches for special occasions. White Palio shoulder bags are very popular and are a great way to freshen up a casual summer look. The blue Palio bag is distinguished by sophistication and aristocracy. For contrast, designers decorated it with metallic rhinestones, lace print and suede inserts.