oil perfume

The choice of perfume is always a very important and scrupulous matter, requiring some time and effort. After all, you want to choose a fragrance that will suit your type and character just perfectly and will cause some association among people around you. It is necessary to choose a smell that will be persistent, pleasant and not harsh, and at the same time, will be pleasant to apply and not repulsive to one’s own sense of smell. To do this, you should make a choice in favor of perfumes that do not contain an alcohol base. This is one of the characteristics that distinguish oil perfumes from ordinary ones. Such perfumes are often called a journey into history, a return to the very beginnings, when the ancient art of perfumery was only in its infancy and was considered an incredibly mysterious and subtle occupation that was subject only to selected priests. They kept the unique recipes for the preparation of the so-called «love oils» in great secret, giving out only ready-made precious pieces of perfumery art.

What are modern oil perfumes?

Over time, everything has changed, and perfumes have become the result of the hard work of special laboratories. Now their basis is not herbs, plants and flowers, but artificially created synthetic alcohols and molecules. Oil-based perfumes do not contain alcohol in their structure, which makes them much more intense, natural and even sexy. The most famous variety of such perfumes are Arabic oil perfumes.

Arabic oil-based perfumes are made exclusively on the basis of natural ingredients, being the strongest aphrodisiac. Oriental oil perfumes contain many different components, the main ones are taifi rose, oud, musk, spices, amber and other valuable ingredients that have an extremely beneficial effect on the nervous system, mood, energy and the state of the body as a whole.

How to apply oil perfume?

Not everyone knows that concentrated oil perfumes have a very unusual feature — they open only when a person moves, and during rest they have an almost imperceptible light aroma. Many do not know how to use oil perfumes. The main rule of application is a microdose. Unlike European alcohol counterparts, such perfumes are applied with a special device — a small glass rod built into the bottle cap. One drop of perfume will remain persistent and noticeable for 10 hours. For example, it is not customary to sniff Egyptian oil perfumes, since the fragrance on the body is still different from the same fragrance in the bottle. To feel all its subtlety, you need to apply on the body and wait for a while. But Indian oil perfumes are known for the fact that upon contact with water, they begin to open many times stronger. Their analogues — Syrian oil perfumes are called perfumes for the elite. Manufacturers claim that they do not need advertising, because people who once felt all the subtlety and sophistication of these perfumes will forever remain regular customers.

Many girls are in love with oil perfumes with pheromones. They say that before a date it is necessary to put a drop of this fragrance on the body and then the attention from the stronger sex is guaranteed. arabic oil perfumeSuch examples are oil perfumes «Scheherazade» and oil perfumes «Al Rehab».

Some users do not know how to dilute oil perfumes and how they can be diluted so that a small bottle lasts for a long time. But it’s better to just apply them in small strokes without diluting them in any way — this way the aroma will be persistent and the capacity will last for a long time.

Perfume oil bottles can be considered real works of art. Many of them are thought out by designers to the smallest detail so that the style of the perfume is perfectly maintained.