Nike bags

One of the most recognizable sports brands has proven time and time again that quality and style can go hand in hand. Nike women’s bags are popular among both athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle and lovers of sports style.

Nike sports bag: variety of models

The modern rhythm of life involves quite a lot of physical activity, so convenience and comfort are highly valued. Nike bags are multifunctional and convenient in everyday life. Due to the large number of pockets and locks, bags have a stylish design and are very convenient to use.

If earlier most models had impressive dimensions, now you can pick up a small Nike bag the size of a clutch. There are special accessories for sports, fitness and everyday life. The colors are classic using black, gray and silver shades, and there are colorful Nike women’s bags in yellow, red, blue and orange.

Nike women’s bags: what to choose?

Now let’s take a closer look at some models. First of all, you need to decide what goals you are pursuing. Depending on the purpose, you can choose the following models of Nike women’s sports bags:

  1. Belt bag Nike Hood Waistpack. This is the case when a small and practical accessory can replace a full-fledged bag. A Nike fanny pack can hold house keys, a wallet with a phone, and a few other essentials. Thanks to quality materials, the Nike banana bag will last for a long time and will become a constant companion during morning runs or on the road.
  2. For fitness activities, the Nike Fitness Dance Mono Bag is a convenient option. It is very comfortable to use due to the fact that it fits snugly to the body. Inside you will find a main compartment and an inner pocket. The design with leather inserts looks stylish and extends the life of the bag.
  3. Among Nike sports bags, there are models that are quite suitable for combining with clothes in a free style. The Nike Heritage Shoulder Bag looks casual with a leather logo. This is a timeless design.
  4. The grey-pink Nike Collectibles Small Grip Bag remains one of the most comfortable for young people for several seasons in a row. For the manufacture of nylon and leather were used, which makes the bag «indestructible». Adjustable shoulder strap, inner pocket for important small things make the model functional.
  5. For the gym among Nike bags, the Gym Shoulder Bag model is ideal. A zipper on the main compartment, leather inserts and metal studs, an internal pocket give the design a modern look, and the bag is comfortable for sports.
  6. The white Nike HERITAGE AD TRACK BAG is perfect for an active lifestyle. The dimensions of the bag allow you to fit everything you need, but at the same time the accessory itself remains miniature. This leather Nike bag features adjustable shoulder straps, a 2-way zip on the main compartment, and external pockets on the front. Pairs well with sportswear and casual wear.
  7. For yoga lovers, the sports brand offers a separate collection of clothes and shoes, as well as related accessories. Among Nike’s sports bags for women, the Yoga Mono Bag has an ergonomic aesthetic and continues the idea of ​​​​caring for the environment. The bag is made of cotton, leather and natural materials. The model has a main compartment, a hidden sleeve and an inner pocket. The bag fits comfortably on the back and is quite suitable for walking around the city.