New fragrance from Lancome

«Life is Beautiful!» — that’s what the new fragrance from Lankom says. It is wonderful regardless of the circumstances, on the opinions of others, on what is happening around. The main message of this fragrance is not to be afraid to be who you are, and to believe that life is wonderful because you decide so.

New perfume Lancome

The French perfume house Lancome has always delighted its fans with beautiful and original fragrances, but this time they have outdone themselves. As part of the latest fragrance from Lancome — almost 50% natural ingredients, which is now extremely rare. This makes the new fragrance from Lancome truly unique.

Perfume Lankom La Vie Est Belle — Life is beautiful — this is a fragrance that gives wings, reveals all the most secret corners of the female soul and at the same time, without pathos and pretense, exposes her natural beauty.

Three perfumers Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anna Flipolsya worked on the creation of a new perfume from Lancome. They worked on it for almost three years. During this time, 5000 versions of this fragrance were rejected. The creation of the original square bottle is also unusual, because its sketch lay in the archive for 63 years. It was created by Armand Petitjean.

Julia Roberts presents the new Lancome perfume. The advertising campaign for this fragrance was quite large. Particularly pleased with the filmed promotional video. It is as refined, simple and at the same time charming as the perfume itself. The actress played the role of a bright angel who opposes dullness and everyday life. She breaks the beautiful, but false threads of everyday life and strives towards light and joy. The main concept that the latest Lancome perfumes talk about is freedom from conventions and choosing your own path, the idea of ​​​​natural beauty.

Julia Roberts became the face of Lancome perfumes for a reason. After all, it is this cheerful and charming actress who can say in the best possible way: “Life is beautiful!”

Perfume Lancome and Julia Roberts are a harmonious combination, because only a recognized «beauty» is able to fully display a slightly rebellious, and at the same time such a captivating fragrance.

Perfume Lankom new

Perfume Lancome Belle is a kind of return to the floral-fruity perfume genre. The fragrance is a little heavy for summer, but for autumn and winter they are just right. It is feminine and sexy, very attractive and bewitching.

Top notes: pear and blackcurrant.

Heart notes: jasmine, orange blossom, iris.

Trail notes: tonka beans, vanilla, patchouli, pralines.

The new Lancome fragrance is enclosed in an original bottle called «smiling crystal». It received this name due to the fact that the fragrant liquid forms a kind of semicircle at the bottom of the bottle, which resembles a smile. The neck of the elegant bottle of Lancome’s novelty perfume is tied with a vintage ribbon.

New fragrance philosophy

Evaluating the triumph of many fragrances of the perfume house, we can safely assume that in the future we can be pleased with the most beautiful new fragrances from Lancome, which will not leave indifferent many of the fair sex, as well as men who love them.

perfume lancome bel

As the president of Lancôme International, Youcef Nabi, La Vie Est Belle is “the scent of joy, smiles and freedom. A fragrance that makes this life more beautiful!” It symbolizes a new era with a «lesser but better» philosophy. This fragrance went on sale in early autumn 2012. Its cost is from 70 to 105 $.

Many fans of the French house Lancome will not be able to resist the temptation to become the owner of this fragrance. After all, he opens all the doors and gives wings. It is enough to “dress” yourself with only a couple of drops of this perfume and you will be the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world.