natural fur collars

Not every woman can afford to buy a really beautiful and high-quality fur coat, and more affordable faux fur products do not look so stylish, so it’s better to refrain from purchasing them altogether. But natural fur collars can be a good alternative, which, although they are not such a big detail of the image, add style and luxury to it. Therefore, a fur collar is simply a must-have item for those fashionistas who want to look chic every day and in any circumstances.

Detachable fur collar

Usually the biggest problem that arises with a fur collar is what it can and should be worn with. Still, now such detachable collars are not very common and you will not see them on every second counter, so many girls are wondering what exactly to wear them with. But, in fact, the answer to this question is quite simple: you can wear detachable collars with anything. The main thing is that the image looks interesting, and you yourself like the way you look. You can throw a fur collar on top of a coat, but it will look just as good on a jacket or even a dress, just as a decorative element. The only thing you definitely shouldn’t do is to combine a detachable collar with sports jackets or coats. Although sports jackets can have fur collars, detachable collars are not particularly suitable for them.

If we talk about which fur to choose, then the most budgetary and at the same time stylish option is a fox fur collar. Fox fur looks chic, but at the same time it has a fairly affordable cost, unlike, for example, the same mink.

Fur collar jackets

If you are not ready to wear a detachable fur collar or just have no idea what to wear it with, then get yourself a jacket with a fur collar. It will be warm, and cozy, and stylish, and comfortable. There are also jackets with detachable collars so you can wear it whenever you want. By the way, puffy jackets and coats with fur collars look especially good. Although a classic straight-cut wool coat with a fur collar will look simply incredibly elegant and feminine.

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