moto knee pads for jeans

Moto knee pads are a necessary element of protection for a motorcyclist’s equipment, they are divided by quality, level and degree of protection. Women’s motorcycle knee pads differ in how exactly you will wear them — on clothes or under it. This is not a whim, not a fashion trend, but circumstances dictated solely by safety precautions. Let’s look at the most common types of knee pads.

What are motorcycle knee pads?

There are mainly two types:

  • ordinary;
  • hinged.

The first option has a simpler and more straightforward design. Conventional motorcycle knee pads are a form covered with a special fabric. As a rule, they are significantly cheaper than articulated ones due to the absence of complex mechanisms and a large number of parts. It is this type of women’s motorcycle knee pads for jeans that is best suited — they are not too voluminous, quite light, you do not need to purchase special wide trousers for them.

The second type, articulated, provides much more protection to your knee joint. They are a well-thought-out modern design, consisting of two parts, fixed to each other by hinges. It is comfortable to walk and ride in them — with good fixation on the leg, such products do not restrict movement. Another advantage of them, in comparison with the usual ones, is that the articulated models protect the knee leg not only in front, but also on the sides, thanks to the deeper cup of the kneecap.

How to choose knee pads for moto?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the size. In no case should motorcycle knee pads dangle (this should be taken into account if you decide to buy used models), they should tightly wrap around the leg, not move, slip, or twist. Usually, serious manufacturing companies offer products in 3 sizes. More budget models can only be in 2.

The second thing that matters is brand. This is your safety, do not neglect it. Moreover, many, even serious brands, try to cover all acceptable price categories as much as possible. It is better to refuse the choice of products of unknown brands. It is clear that promoted companies that are well-known, and the cost is different, but it’s not just about advertising costs.

Of the recognized brands that are trusted by many motorcyclists in the world, we can name the following:

  • fox;
  • Thor;
  • EVS;
  • AXO;
  • Mad Rollers;
  • Zandora.

Third — length knee pads. Short ones look more comfortable and lighter, but long ones, covering the entire shin and going from above by 10-15 centimeters, are actually more comfortable when moving and riding.

Fourth — choosing your own equipment, it is obligatory fitting, measure everything and preferably — immediately with the clothes with which you will wear it. Moto knee pads for jeans should not be chosen so that your skinny fits on them — it is better to choose full-fledged articulated ones, and buy a pair of trousers a size larger and just tuck them into your boots.

Why wear knee pads under your clothes?

There is an opinion among some bikers that there is no difference whether knee pads are worn over or under the bottom. This is not true. Knee pads for jeans for girls are important and desirable not only because it looks more aesthetically pleasing, but also because in an accident, if there is an element of sliding after a fall, then the protection on the legs can slip. Jeans (or other trousers) hold them in place. This information is not theoretical recommendations from manufacturers, but facts verified by many motorcyclists around the world.

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