Moschino watches

Women’s wrist watch «Moschino» is a bright addition to the fashionable image that distinguishes the girl from the crowd. Despite the fact that the founder of the brand is no longer alive, his followers adhere to the same principles that made Franco Moschino famous. No fear of experiments and criticism! No blind following of fashion! No crazy high prices!

Stylish accessories

The first collection of women’s watches by the Moschino brand was presented to the public in 2003. Stylish accessories immediately became the object of close attention, as they fully corresponded to the philosophy of love of freedom and cheerfulness, preached by the Moschino brand. They were as creative as anything previously created by the talented designers working under Franco Moschino. What makes these accessories so special? Firstly, the straps for Moschino watches could not go unnoticed. Instead of traditional leather and metal bracelets, designers use bright silk scarves that emphasize the fragility of the female wrist. Moschino watches on a scarf are good because this detail can be changed, complementing the image. In addition, such an original bracelet is universal, as the size is regulated by the owner. Accessories in which the bracelet is made in the form of a pearl thread look no less impressive. Such watches can compete with jewelry that is not cheap.

Dials also deserve special attention. A team of Moschino brand professionals is working on their design. Accessories in which the dial resembles an unopened flower bud look very impressive. Designers pay attention to the surreal style. Perhaps the most popular creation of the brand is the women’s watch «Moschino» with a cat. The stylistic figurine of this animal can decorate the entire dial or part of it. Even the simplest watch models, the dial of which is decorated with such a pattern, look stylish. What about models that have a metal duck, heart or lipstick attached to the tuning wheel? The Moschino brand, even with the help of arrows, is able to turn a practical accessory into a work of art!

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