mohair snood

Snoods became popular with us not so long ago — just a few years ago. But the love and gratitude of the population living in such a difficult climate as ours was won immediately. In the wardrobes of fashionistas, snoods of the most varied degree of insulation and all possible colors appeared. They have replaced ordinary scarves and are now worn over a sweater in autumn and under a coat in winter, worn over leather jackets and thrown over the head in inclement weather. And mohair snood is just a must have for the cold season.

Mohair (aka angora) is a special kind of wool yarn. Like any woolen fabric, mohair perfectly retains heat, while being highly breathable. This yarn is not as highly valued as cashmere, which makes it affordable for the average consumer.

Which to choose?

There are no clear indications of which specific mohair snood scarf is right for you. It is worth focusing, perhaps, only on the relevance of a particular color (or rather, a shade) in a certain season. And, of course, be sure to consider the possibility of combining it with things from your wardrobe.

For lovers of “pure compositions”, I would like to clarify that due to the specific structure of the goat hair from which the yarn is made, the maximum mohair content in the fabric cannot exceed 83%. So don’t be surprised if you see mohair paired with wool or synthetics.

Openwork mohair snood is the most common option that is found in stores. It looks very gentle and airy, but you need to wear it carefully. It is very easy to make a hook on such a product, especially considering that this is a scarf that comes into contact with your earrings and chains around your neck.

In general, any knitted mohair snood will look interesting and original. A good option would be if you manage to combine it with a headdress or gloves.