mohair hat

Hats knitted from mohair wool are not only a great way to protect yourself from the cold, but also a great accessory that will add a twist to your look. Nowadays, the choice of women’s knitted mohair hats is so great that even the most capricious girls will surely be able to choose a hat to their liking. A knitted hat will suit any style of clothing, be it sporty or classic.

Mohair knitted hats

A knitted mohair hat is much softer than hats knitted from other materials, and it is also much warmer. Due to the unique qualities that mohair possesses, women’s hats not only have a good appearance, but also perfectly protect against winter weather. The main advantage of such a hat is that it does not irritate the scalp and does not leave a red stripe on the forehead.

Volumetric mohair hats are considered the best design invention — they do not go out of fashion, and are also relevant for women of any age. These hats are practical to wear, suitable for any style of clothing. The peak of popularity of voluminous mohair hats was the 70s, then a mohair hat was not only very fashionable, but also a very scarce item. Today, such hats are becoming fashionable again. The main thing is to choose a model that is right for you. There can be many options, whether it is a large-knit hat, decorated with flowers or knitted with braids.

A mohair hat with a lapel is suitable for older women. Such a headdress looks better with classic clothes, let it be a long sheepskin coat, fur coat or coat, especially if you add a long knitted mohair scarf to the look. The most stylish hat with a lapel is a crocheted hat. A mohair hat with a lapel looks more impressive if it is knitted from threads of bright colors.