mink hood

In the new season, a mink hood has become very popular among hats. This accessory is popular with all age categories of women, and also suits any type of appearance. In addition to its practical qualities, a mink fur hood gives femininity, style and elegance. This headpiece goes well with almost any type of outerwear. Many stylists include such a fashion accessory in their street style looks. Mink models are also very beautiful. In addition to expensive fur, which has always emphasized good taste, styles of mink hoods are universal in size and do not look rough, unlike many models of hats.

Fashion models of mink fur hood

The most popular style was the hood with mink trim. Such models are in demand the most. This is primarily due to the fact that having a small amount of expensive fur, such hats are affordable. However, the hood with mink trim looks quite rich and beautiful. Such models, as a rule, are made of high-quality dense silk or silk with a lining. The fur adorns the outer edge of the headdress, i.e. frames the face. Designers often call such models a fur scarf. However, unlike the usual scarves, the hood is denser and is suitable for winter frosts.

The most unusual is a knitted mink hood. Such models are made of long narrow fur patches, which are interconnected diagonally, vertically or diagonally. Visually, similar models look like a one-piece headdress with an interesting design or finish. The method of knitting from fur yarn is somewhat different from the usual. Such models are also considered the most expensive, because in addition to working with the material, knitting with fur itself is quite laborious and takes a lot of time. However, the style of a knitted mink hood looks just fine, especially in combination with a natural fur coat.

Also, designers offer fashionistas such mink hood models as a hat or hood. The name of such a model depends only on the massiveness of the hood. A mink bonnet is considered a very neat headdress. Such a model is not very large. However, this does not reduce its heat-shielding qualities and practicality. Mink hood models, as a rule, have a small beautiful shirt-front. This style looks very elegant and sophisticated. In addition, a stylish addition in the form of a shirt-front will perfectly protect your neck from extreme cold.