michael kors ladies watch

The American brand has been confidently holding its own in the domestic market for several decades. To have a thing from Michael Kors for Russian women today is no exception — the norm. However, high demand gives rise to a supply of not only branded products, but also replicas of different quality. How much the original Michael Kors watches differ from fakes, does it make sense to pay that kind of money for this one, and if so, which model should you choose, let’s try to figure it out in this article.

About the brand

The main attraction of Michael Kors women’s watches, as well as of all the products of the brand, is that its designers focus mainly on a young audience.

The second and third important points are that Michael Kors:

  • is a registered brand close to the world of haute couture;
  • works in a relatively affordable price policy for the middle class.


As for the countries in which watches are made, then, of course, these are China and Japan. In the first one they produce cases, in the second — mechanisms. Do not believe the inscriptions «Made in the USA» — this is certainly a guarantee of a fake. The brand itself has no production facilities, all models are assembled at the Fossil factory. By the way, the Fossil models themselves cost about $130, which is half the price of the lowest price for Michael Kors watches, although both are made in the same place. So think.


The watch strap of Michael Kors watches is usually made of stainless steel. In some models, alternative materials can be used to more accurately convey the designer’s ideas:

  • skin (smooth or snake);
  • silicone;
  • plastic;
  • ceramics.

Glass — mineral, mechanism type — quartz.

Watch Michael Kors — how to distinguish the original?

When purchasing women’s Michael Kors watches in a store or on the Internet, pay attention to a number of signs by which you can distinguish original products from fakes. So indicators of the truth of origin will be:

  1. Price. Don’t be deceived fashionistas, a real MK watch can’t and won’t cost $50. For such a price, you can only take a model of past seasons at a discount in a boutique, given that there are models for $ 200-500 nearby. Knowing all this, whether it is worth buying a replica is up to you.
  2. Working additional mechanisms and windows. The calendar and chronograph must certainly be active, the date must change automatically. In fakes, the hands are most often simply glued to the dial. The same applies to additional control buttons on the side.
  3. Logos. In original Michael Kors watches, one logo is located on the buckle of the watch, and another — the letters MK — on the crown of the movement.
  4. Back cover. It should contain the following data: serial number, model number, material from which the case is made, as well as information about water resistance.
  5. box. Real watches are sold in a dark brown (almost black) square box with a solid rectangular brown (but lighter) pad inside. The kit comes with a user manual in different languages.

Model selection

If you still decide to buy, and it remains only to decide on the model, then you can see the entire current range on the official MK website. Silver or gold Michael Kors watches are the most popular in recent years. A little more original are the rose gold models, but they look more feminine than versatile.

Fake white Michael Kors watches, which are common in the summer, are likely to be very light and made of plastic. Such will instantly betray their origin. The branded white model, for example, the Mini Skylar Rose Gold-Tone And Ceramic Watch, is made of ceramic, which adds both solidity and weight to it.

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