long knitted fingerless gloves

Gloves are not always only an outdoor option for protecting hands from the cold. Some models can be worn indoors, if you choose the right clothes for them. But let’s go in order. Women’s fingerless gloves are called differently – mitts or glovelettes. The difference between them is small:

  • mittens are gloves where the thumb is separated from the rest, and 4 are enclosed in a kind of pipe;
  • glovelettes are just a classic version with cut fingers.

The former, according to some sources, were one of the favorite accessories of ladies of the 18th century, and cancan dancers loved fingerless openwork gloves. Today, such models are not worn so much, and not so often, but once every few seasons, designers remember them, and then mittens and glovelettes fill the catwalks of all fashion capitals.

How to wear long fingerless gloves?

Mitts to match clothes

One of the most interesting options on how to wear long fingerless gloves not only outdoors but also indoors is to combine them with short sleeves in the cold season. For example, it could be:

  1. Short sleeve wool dress. Now you do not have to wear a turtleneck under it or look for a jacket – the mitts will cover your bare hands and make the whole image more organic, “winter”. It is better, of course, not to buy gloomy black fingerless gloves, but to try to find something to match the outfit.
  2. Cashmere top. Some women are surprised to see woolen pullovers and short sleeve sweaters in stores. The answer is simple: they can be worn not only as a base under a jacket, but also with long fingerless gloves.
  3. Outerwear with three-quarter sleeves. Coats, short coats and just short jackets are often made with short sleeves to facilitate the appearance. Under them, you can wear long leather or wool gloves – if the outerwear is classic, or knitted mitts or glovelettes, if you want to achieve a stylish and informal look.
  4. cape. Cape coats, similar to long capes, with slits for the arms have become very popular in recent times. However, for them, gloves should be really long – above the elbow, otherwise you will be uncomfortable in cool weather.

Glovelets and other accessories

If the options for indoors are clear, then you should turn to simpler combinations: gloves paired with a scarf or hat. Sometimes in stores there are ready-made kits, and sometimes you have to assemble them yourself. This is not so difficult to do if you know the trend colors of the season. For example, in 2015 Marsala was declared the color of the year, and many brands tried to add it to their collections without fail. So you just need to be patient and look.

The second option is to order a hand-made kit from craftswomen. Here already the color, knitting and pattern can be discussed directly with the one who will do it.

The set looks original and unusual: long knitted fingerless gloves + snood (pipe scarf or collar).

Glove color

You should think about this point after you decide what to wear with long fingerless gloves. It’s good if you have your own range for the autumn-winter period, and things there, one way or another, “work” with each other (for example, if the base can be brown, red or gray). If there is, then just pick up gloves for the base color of the range.

You should not choose too multi-colored models – and the “fits for everything” argument does not work here. The explanation is simple: if tomorrow you want to buy a coat in a red and green check, leopard spot or just with an abstract pattern, gloves will spoil the whole picture. Choose bright colors if your main outerwear is in calm tones.

Otherwise, black long fingerless gloves will be the most versatile – they will not only fit with any other clothes, but will also help create an image in the style of “punk”, “grunge” or “gothic”.