Leather women's backpacks

Backpacks, in the distant past – just attributes of tourist equipment, have long been modified into stylish women’s accessories. A handbag in the form of a leather backpack is not such an innovation. But fashion designers are still embodying fresh ideas, creating women’s leather backpacks more practical, light and beautiful.

Women’s leather backpacks

Women’s leather bag-backpack has at least two undeniable advantages: practicality and durability. In addition, while walking around the city – namely, this is the purpose of a leather women’s backpack – the hands remain free, and the back is even. But most importantly, women’s leather backpacks are a great addition to the casual style, which has been so popular all over the world in recent years. The clothes that a leather backpack will decorate are the most ordinary and casual: trousers, shorts, jeans, leggings in combination with bright and not very t-shirts, blouses, summer tunics and jackets.

A fashionable decor for a leather backpack is numerous long ropes, ribbons and straps made of the same material as the bag itself. By the way, the most modern models of backpacks, decorated with many rivets and spikes, provide for a “rock and roll” style. And ethnic motifs of embroidery or appliqué will suit ladies dressing in the ethno style. Sundresses, long dresses and skirts, entering into harmony with such an accessory as a leather backpack, have become a trend of the past and current summer seasons. Shoes should be selected to match the skin from which the bag is made. At the same time, sandals, shoes or boots can be of various models: from light ballet flats to brutal boots on a high platform. The only prohibition is a high stiletto heel as an attribute of femininity. Wearing a backpack still provides for a certain masculinity and negligence in the image.

Women’s faux leather backpacks

It is no secret that artificial materials are in many ways inferior to natural ones. But not just the price. The inscription on the label “women’s leatherette backpack” significantly reduces the cost of the bag compared to the one marked “women’s leather backpack bag”. Hence the high availability of faux leather backpacks, and a huge selection of models and colors. Contrasting combinations, in which the pockets are made of the same shade of material, and the base of the opposite one, make it easier to choose shoes and other elements of the wardrobe. Often backpacks made of leather substitute are made in combination with leather, denim or canvas inserts.

Also on the market you can find absolute copies of leather backpacks of famous brands, made from cheaper materials. Of course, the shelf life of such a thing is much shorter than that of the original, but it will certainly please a fashionista for a season or two.

Small leather women’s backpacks

Increasingly, women began to choose in bags not spaciousness, but compactness. Therefore, modern backpacks have ceased to contain half of the wardrobe. A trendy women’s leather backpack is, in fact, just a miniature copy of it. Small backpacks made of genuine leather, as a rule, are made in a classic style for this type of bag with fashionable leather ropes, straps, rivets or spikes. You can even wear them with an elegant light cocktail dress. True, it is difficult to put on the ribbons on the shoulders. The same many pockets will help to keep practicality, in which you can conveniently stuff all the necessary little things. The color range of such backpacks is not very wide. These are classic skin tones:

  • black;
  • brown;
  • grey;
  • beige;
  • dark cherry;
  • dark green;
  • dark blue;
  • red-red;
  • white.