Leather clutch

A handbag is an essential attribute and companion of any girl. With her and to work, and on a date, and social events. Especially popular is the leather clutch, which this season is presented in a variety of and unexpected designs.

Women’s leather clutches: which one to choose?

Genuine leather clutches will always be in fashion. This is quality, durability and a certain status that many want to emphasize. This season, bright, stylish and original models are in fashion. For sewing handbags, not only calf skin is already used, but also other interesting options:

  1. Python skin clutch. The model is very stylish and relevant this season. Thanks to the natural pattern, this handbag will surely decorate any look.
  2. Crocodile leather clutch. The classic version of a good bag. Such a handbag speaks of the good taste of the owner.
  3. Stingray leather clutch. Thanks to such leather, the handbag shimmers in the light, as if it is studded with precious stones. Undoubtedly, such a clutch will become a bright and stylish acquisition of many fashionistas.

Styles of fashionable leather clutches

Rectangular and round models, small clutch wallets, envelope clutches, as well as the most bizarre options are in fashion. Moreover, the more unusual the handbag, the better. Many women of fashion carry mini-books, houses, dogs, hearts, fruits or cubes in their hands. Also, a distinctive feature of clutches this season is the presence of a small handle, that is, the accessory can either be hung on the wrist or carried in the hand. But, it must be said that models with long chain handles also remain in fashion.

Additional decor

The material of the handbag is in itself quite a bright and beautiful decor, for example, what is a snakeskin clutch worth. Nevertheless, this seems to be not enough for designers and they additionally decorate women’s clutches made of genuine leather. In the course are: stones, rhinestones, beads, beads, rivets, spikes, zippers or lace. Some models are a real work of art that you want to carry in your hands all the time.