ladies' handbag

The history of a small women’s handbag originates in the Middle Ages. It was a miniature leather coin pouch of that distant era that evolved into an essential accessory, which is a fashionable women’s handbag today.

Of course, today the “distant relative” of the money bag is not at all like its ancestor, it is stylish and beautiful, and most importantly, it has many faces. Color, shape, size, material — various variations of such a wonderful little thing are possible.

In this article we will talk about the most popular models of women’s handbags and their purpose.

Varieties of small women’s handbags

Going to a party, fashionistas prefer elegant and feminine models. It can be a small women’s handbag called a «clutch». The clutch can have a handle in the form of a removable strap or chain, respectively, it can be worn both in the hands and on the shoulder. The model is certainly good, but it has one drawback — all the necessary little things will not fit in it, so you have to prioritize.

In addition, the evening look can be supplemented with a women’s leather handbag with short handles and a long strap. An accessory of such a plan also involves two wearing options.

Young and active girls who value freedom of action will certainly be interested in a small comfortable women’s handbag called «messenger», which can be worn over the shoulder. A very convenient and practical thing, it is a “postman” bag already familiar to everyone, only in miniature. Such a model will become an indispensable companion in everyday life.

There is something to please young athletes and young ladies who simply prefer to dress in a sporty style. For example, a capacious textile or leather women’s handbag, the design of which is carried over the shoulder, will become a reliable storage for sports uniforms and other equipment.

But for ladies who are worried about their figure and go for a run every morning, a sports bag with a hip belt will come in handy. It is securely fastened, does not interfere with movement and contains everything you need.