Any girl who considers herself a fashionista is simply obliged to have at least three handbags in her collection. This season, designers have pleased us with a huge selection of this accessory. So we have plenty to choose from.

How to choose a ladies handbag?

This season’s fashionable bag is bright, catchy and rich. This year handbags made of natural fur remained popular. Very relevant and hand embroidery.

Bag handles can be made from large chains or with a leather strap woven into them, and a braided handle is also popular.

Leather handbags

For more than a year, leather bags have been decorating, complementing and completely completing our look. Their shape and size are strikingly different. They can be huge, small, with or without a strap, bright and not very bright. And already each of us selects the most convenient, practical and fashionable for ourselves.

Large and small handbags

This season, pay attention to the size of the bag. The fashion model this year is either very small, or, conversely, huge. Volumetric models are not only beautiful and practical, they are also comfortable. Large bags this season can be taken to work, for a walk, for a visit. And if you are planning a celebration or a party, a tiny clutch bag is a must for you.

Ladies shoulder bags

We also advise you to look at medium-sized shoulder bags. They have always been the most comfortable model.

Here, for example, a women’s bag — «tablet»: in the winter, it is simply irreplaceable. Hands are completely free, so they can be hidden in pockets. In autumn, when it rains, such a bag will help you out again. Having put it on your shoulder, you can effortlessly carry an umbrella in one hand, and purchases from the store in the other. A handbag with long straps will visually make your figure even slimmer. Isn’t this fantasy?

If you choose the right color, we remind you that a bright range is in fashion this season, then with such a bag you will be in trend.