lace eye mask

From time immemorial, people liked to reincarnate. Trying on someone else’s role, being someone else for just one evening — what could be more intriguing? A lace eye mask is one of the most accessible, simple and at the same time beautiful elements of a possible costume.

Why do you need a lace mask?

  1. carnival costume. Theme parties are fortunately not uncommon these days. Many nightclubs, art cafes and just restaurants, no, no, and they will arrange something like that. Even the usual annual holidays held at home, we are now striving to make them costumed. In general, there are more and more arguments in favor of purchasing an original lace mask. And you can complement it with absolutely any costume. For example, the image of an angel with wings and a halo will sparkle with completely new colors if you put on a white lace mask.
  2. Carnival in the bedroom. The popular erotic trilogy «50 Shades of Grey» prompted more than one woman to think about how to diversify her sex life. And a mask, complemented by stockings or a transparent peignoir, can serve as a great start! The most seductive looks red or black lace mask. For her, by the way, it is absolutely not necessary to run to specialized stores — you can do it yourself with a minimum of time and effort.
  3. Special cases. Renowned hat maker Maison Michel has a whole line of amazing lace face masks. For example, Natalia Vodyanova and Elena Perminova appeared in similar models at the Vogue anniversary ball in Paris — the stars do not disdain the opportunity to stand out and impress. By special occasions, we mean a birthday, a bachelorette party, or any other occasion when it would be perfectly permissible for you to flaunt this extravagant little thing. Sometimes a beautiful dress and high-heeled pumps are not enough to create a super-mood, but a lace mask with bunny ears can be just right.

Where to buy a lace eye mask?

Well, first of all, the lingerie collection created by Erica Leonard James (author of the aforementioned novel) along with the KappAhl brand has the thinnest lace masks. They look very original and expensive.

Secondly, masquerade lace masks are sometimes found in online carnival costume stores.

Thirdly, a beautiful lace mask can be ordered from needlewomen. You need to look for them on city forums.

And, fourthly, there is a chance to find it in adult stores. It is better to look first in online catalogs, as there, as a rule, a much larger assortment is presented.

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