Kubanka hat

Kubanka hat is a low cylindrical fur headdress. Once it was part of the uniform of the Cossack troops, it was very easy to distinguish the Cossacks from this hat, since its shape is still quite unusual. In general, approximately until the Second World War, such a hat was part of an exclusively male wardrobe, but later women began to wear a Cossack Kubanka hat. Kubanka was especially popular in the eighties of the last century. You can even remember Barbara Brylska from The Irony of Fate — she also wore a Kubanka hat in this film. And many women in the USSR simply adored hats of this shape, as they were both warm and beautiful.

Kuban caps for women

The most popular are, of course, fur caps, which not only keep you warm even in severe frost, but also look incredibly luxurious. As you know, fur coats, as well as hats, are the things that will emphasize your status, femininity, as well as the presence of a subtle and refined taste. Therefore, every self-confident and stylish representative of the fair sex must have a fur cap this season.

So, they pick up a Kubanka hat, usually to match the hair. So if you are fair-haired, then models from light fur are more suitable for you, if you are dark-haired, then from dark, and so on. Although you still need to try on different models of hats in order to see and evaluate which fur suits you the most, since all recommendations are still general. It should also be noted that Kubanka hats are most suitable for girls with an elongated or oval face, as well as thin, so-called aristocratic features. If you have a massive chin, then a hat of this shape will only emphasize this and turn it into a disadvantage.

It is best to wear women’s fur kubanka hats with feminine and graceful things. For example, it will look great with fur vests or boho-style velvet vests embroidered with beads or lurex. Also, the Kubanka is great for any classic coat. And if you want to wear it with a fur coat, then pay attention to the fact that the fur of both things should be the same or almost the same shade. Wearing, for example, a white kubanka with a dark gray fur coat is a terrible bad manners. And be sure to remember that it is impossible to wear a Kubanka hat with sports puffy jackets in any case.

By the way, it should be noted that there are knitted Kubanka hats. They are much less popular than fur ones, but they also look quite interesting and unusual, especially if they are made by a good craftsman.