Knitted voluminous hats

It is impossible to underestimate the role of hats in our lives, especially when it comes to autumn or winter. Hats, berets, hoods, caps — all of them are designed not only to warm us in bad weather and frost, but also to be an ornament and bring attractiveness and femininity to the image, provided that you have chosen the right style and model of this accessory.

Women’s voluminous knitted hats

The trend of this autumn-winter season has become voluminous hats, although they are far from newcomers in the niche of hats, however, they do not cause a negative reaction from anyone and are suitable for almost all representatives of the weaker sex. For your autumn wardrobe, you can choose several options for voluminous hats made from threads of different density: patterned, classic or coarse knit, and you can’t even talk about the colors of this detail of the image, the variety of colors is simply amazing. A voluminous hat with braids is another good option that will especially appeal to lovers of sports style in clothes. Such hats are usually decorated with a pompom, which looks a little playful, but no less feminine. You can combine hats with stylish youth down jackets or quilted jackets, however, it is quite appropriate to wear a classic plain coat with a voluminous hat.

Another piece of advice applicable to your autumn-winter look is that women’s voluminous hats look much more interesting with loose hair. Even if your hair barely reaches your shoulders, in any case, do not wear a voluminous hat with a ponytail or hair completely tucked under it, otherwise you risk visually increasing the size of your head to disproportionate. Volumetric hats look great in tandem with scarves of the same knitting and color.