knitted tie

Despite the fact that a tie was originally an item of men’s wardrobe, today this stylish accessory is actively used in fashionable women’s looks. Moreover, designers are actively experimenting with a women’s tie, using various materials for its manufacture. For example, recently, due to the high popularity of knitted fashion, it is important to wear such decoration as a tie from yarn. A knitted tie is less strict, quite unusual and complements any look in an original way. Experienced craftswomen are already actively working on various variations of a knitted accessory. In addition to the classic model, a knitted bow tie has become very popular. Bright combinations of natural threads in an interesting shape of a tie are sure to attract attention and make the image memorable.

What to wear with a knitted tie?

Of course, having a stylish knitted tie, the question of what to wear with it always arises. Stylists answer this question simply – no rigor. A knitted tie does not belong in any way to a business or office style. Even if you put this accessory on a classic shirt, then combine this ensemble with casual trousers or jeans. A knitted tie fits perfectly with a knitted bow, and is also considered a beautiful addition to street style.

How to tie a knitted tie?

Most often, a knitted tie is already made with a clasp, and you do not need to tie it. But in order to create original images, stylists have come up with several ways to tie a knitted tie in style. It is not necessary to have a standard yarn accessory. You can complement the image with a stylish tie by tying a narrow knitted scarf.

One of the easiest ways to make an unusual addition to an image is the following:

  1. Take a long scarf or knitted tie and throw it over your shoulders so that a long loop remains on your chest.
  2. Cross the ends behind the neck and bring them forward.
  3. Twist the loop once.
  4. Pass one end through the loop at the top and the other end at the bottom and tighten the loop.

knitted tie7

Such an unusual tie will be a great original addition to any everyday look.