knitted shawl

The progenitor of a wide stole and a narrow scarf, a knitted shawl is an exceptionally elegant and stylish accessory that is indispensable in the wardrobe of every modern woman.

A beautiful knitted shawl works miracles of transformation, radically changes the mood and style of the image. Unlike its silk and chiffon counterparts, a knitted shawl will not only be a luxurious addition to your outfit, but will also warm you in cold weather.

And if the main purpose of such a wonderful accessory has not changed since its inception, then the colors and styles are regularly influenced by fashion trends. From year to year, designers and stylists offer their own vision of fashionable knitted capes, replenish the model range with original and unusual options. And needlewomen all over the world are happy to improve their skills in creating exquisite knitted masterpieces.

Warm knitted shawls are made by hand or on a knitting machine. Depending on the chosen pattern and method of execution, the product may turn out to be openwork or more dense.

Thanks to a wide range of beautiful knitted shawls, it is easy to combine with almost any clothing and create a new and unique look every day.

How to wear a knitted shawl?

The fashion for this kind of accessories has acquired an unprecedented scale, so the question of how to wear a knitted shawl excites every fashionista. Fortunately, this is not difficult. A suitable model and a little imagination will do the trick.

A beautiful openwork knitted shawl with voluminous flowers and a long fringe with tassels will be a great addition to an evening dress, it will easily transform a strict business suit. Stylists offer to combine openwork knitted shawls with jeans and boots with fur trim.

You can tie a cape over a coat or leather jacket, which will give the image a special charm and sophistication.

In addition, do not forget that the shawl is a faithful companion of those women who wish to hide some figure flaws. Full arms or a broad back can be camouflaged by simply throwing a shawl over your shoulders. By tying a cape on the hips, you can hide extra centimeters in this part of the body from others.

A cape tied around the neck will add volume to a small chest.

A shawl looks coquettish and sexy if you throw it over your shoulders, tie it in a knot in front and lower it from one shoulder.

When choosing a cape, the color scheme is of great importance. In this regard, restrained monochromatic colors are more practical. A white knitted shawl is considered a universal option, but full girls need to be more careful with such a model. Accessories in saturated shades with a pattern, claiming to be a bright accent, are more demanding. Ideally, they should be in harmony with other details of clothing.