Knitted scarf hood

What could be cozier, warmer and more pleasant than a knitted thing in winter? Mankind has learned to create a variety of materials throughout its existence, and we are again and again drawn to knitted things. To follow the fashion and at the same time stand out among the crowd of the same fashionistas (and this is a whole art), today you can choose an alternative to a simple hat — a knitted bonnet scarf.

Choosing fashionable knitted winter scarves: three interesting trends

In order for us to be able to express our individuality, modern fashion is democratic and, as a rule, has several options for styles and colors. The only recent exception to this was floor-length solid skirts in acidic greens, pinks, and yellows—here there was little choice, and the streets were full of these bold, uncompromising colors. With knitted scarves and hoods, fortunately, the situation is different, and we can choose from at least three fashionable styles, and there are a huge number of fashionable color solutions.

Eternal classic — elegant stranger

Knitted scarves for women initially corresponded to an elegant style — it was then that they began to sew on decorative ears, and sometimes paws, to make unusual futuristic styles.

The classic knitted scarf hood is perfect to pair with any outerwear — it can even be adapted to a sporty style. But still, fur coats, sheepskin coats and women’s leather jackets remain the classic duo of such a scarf.

A large knit in such a versatile scarf looks no less good than a small one. Today, fashion designers are trying to make not only beautiful, but also practical things, and this probably explains the presence of pockets in such a product.

If such a scarf seems too simple, then you can opt for models with fur trim, and if you add fur mitts to this, you get an interesting set.

Scarf hood can be separate or solid, in the form of a collar.

Originality in style — cute cats

The love of mankind for pets, namely, for cats, has recently been especially manifested on the Internet. The galleries are filled with mustachioed muzzle collages, and photos of purrs are gaining the highest ratings.

This trend could not but manifest itself in real life: now a knitted scarf hood with ears is very popular. They can be realistic in shape, but mostly «cartoonish» and sometimes even fantasy. Such models are for true originals who are not alien to self-irony. Actually, a knitted scarf with a hood of this style is a reflection of the original «wolf» fur hats.

Combining this scarf with a hood is a little more difficult than a classic one — here the freedom of imagination is given, because the model itself is original and cannot harmoniously fit into the usual wardrobe of most people.

But with the statement, only one thing can be said: a down jacket, bright sneakers and frayed jeans are closer to a scarf with a hood with ears than a fox fur coat and stilettos.

Originality in color — colorful scarf

Another global trend that applies to almost all things of this season, including the crocheted scarf hood, is fine knitting with contrasting threads.

A combination of about three colors in a scarf hood is a “hit in the bull’s-eye” if the goal is to dress fashionably.

It is desirable that the pattern be chaotic and ruffled, but still, it is desirable to stick to one scale. For example, a combination of blue, navy blue and lavender shades is preferable to a combination of green, yellow and black, although this option is also possible.

Another interesting play with color can be created using a pom-pom — for example, the color of the scarf is solid, muted and faded, and the pom-pom is a bright, optimistic color.