knitted mink hats

The combination “knitted fur” sounds not quite familiar, however, this kind of product is very popular. They are famous not only for their attractive appearance, but also for their durability and practicality.

How are knitted mink hats made?

In order to get an original accessory, craftsmen take not whole skins, not pieces, but strips of fur. These strips are tied onto the main yarn, resulting in a dense fabric, in which the wrong side is textile and the front part is fur. There is also another way, when the fur is sewn onto a knitted lining. Both of these options allow you to make an interesting hat that fits snugly on your head and does not let the cold through. Since not a lot of fur is used in the process, these products are inexpensive, especially if you choose not too luxurious skins.

Often the knitting of fur is not machine-made, but manual work, depending on this, the cost may also change. When choosing this product, make sure that the fur stripes are fluffy, do not shed, and most importantly, that they are not glued anywhere.

Benefits of knitted mink hats

These accessories, in addition to the price, have other advantages:

  • you can always order an exclusive by choosing the fur that suits you, style, color, knitting “tool” pattern — knitting needles, hook;
  • knitted mink women’s hats can be called anatomical headwear, which, when worn, take the shape of a head;
  • the variety of models allows both young people and women of mature age to wear them, combine them with various clothes;
  • mink is a wear-resistant fur, and knitting technology does not contradict this;
  • knitted fur hats are easy to care for, for this you just need to have a special brush and do not dry them near a heating radiator.

Women’s mink fur hats are warm, light, unusual, elegant and fashionable.

How to choose a knitted hat made of mink fur?

If you want to purchase an accessory for winter, then pay attention to the fact that the lining is dense; a thinner base is suitable for demi-season. It is the inner linen that plays an important role in this thing, although, of course, in no way detracts from the magnificent qualities of the fur. But it is the lining that is responsible for ensuring that you do not blow and that the cap sits perfectly.

Hats knitted from mink fur can vary in style:

  1. The most common is the beret. It is suitable for lovers of the classics, romantic ladies, girls with a round or oval face. Hats made of mink fur in the form of a beret are often decorated with brooches with pebbles and decorative pins.
  2. Fashionable knitted mink hats in the form of a stocking are actively worn by the younger generation. They conquer with their ease and originality. In demand among young people are classic hats with a collar, with a pompom, with tassels.
  3. Fur hoods are the novelty of the season, which go well with coats and fur coats. They can also be complemented with such accents as a brooch or Swarovski crystals.
  4. Knitted earflaps are ideal for active women who prefer unisex style.

Photos of celebrities wearing knitted mink hats are not uncommon, so you can take a cue from them and experiment by combining them with different clothes in your wardrobe. By the way, it is also worth noting that the trend is both light shades of fur — silver, gray, white, champagne, and dark ones — chocolate, black, brown.

Knitted fur is not a luxury, but an exquisite material that you can afford. Give a beautiful but firm answer to the Russian winter, let yourself look great, plunge into the aura of softness and bliss — give yourself a knitted mink hat.