knitted headdresses

Winter is no reason to stop taking care of yourself. A woman must remain stylish at any time of the year and in any headdress, including winter ones. Such a wardrobe detail as a knitted headdress can be a highlight that makes your overall look complete.

Knitted hats for women

To stay in trend, you should always keep your finger on the pulse and look at photos of collections of famous designers. This will help keep the right style. Knitted women’s hats are definitely popular this season.

When choosing knitted winter hats, make sure that they fit not only outerwear, but also your face — its shape, skin tone, eye color. For example, for thin girls with an oval face, a narrow, tight-fitting hat is the best fit, but for chubby girls, a hat with earflaps is more suitable, hiding wide cheekbones and rounded cheeks.

As for the colors of knitted hats, here you need to focus on the color of the skin of the face. For example, for owners of fair skin, it is better to choose bright or dark hats. Well, for swarthy and dark-skinned, respectively, light, pastel shades, knitted hats are more suitable.

Fashionable women’s knitted hats

Embossed hats are extremely fashionable this winter season. They look very stylish and are comfortable to wear. At the same time, they can have the simplest design, but due to such knitting they look very impressive.

No less popular are large-knit voluminous knitted hats made of thick yarn with a relief pattern. These hats are perfect for tall young girls.

Of the patterns on headdresses, braids are quite popular. Moreover, these braids can have the most bizarre shapes. Scarves with a similar pattern look very stylish in tandem with such hats.

Do not forget about hats with cuffs. They have a huge number of styles, colors. Any outfit will look great with these hats.