knitted double gloves

In the harsh domestic climate, the issue of winter insulation is always urgent. And, since simple gloves do not always save you from the cold, double models become a good solution to the problem. Unlike mittens, despite several layers of material, knitted double gloves, however, do not look big at all. In addition, the presence of «fingers» allows you to maintain tenacity and mobility of the hands. Models can differ not only in color, but also in external and internal material.

Types of women’s double knitted gloves

  1. Double knit gloves — inside and outside. In inexpensive Chinese factory models, the composition most often used for both parts is:
  • wool (50-70%);
  • synthetic fibers (polyamide, polyacrylonitrile and others).

All synthetics that manufacturers add to natural yarn have good consumer properties, and in terms of structure, its fibers are very close to wool. So PAN, for example, has high light resistance (the ability to retain color when exposed to light), it has very high strength and good tensile parameters. It allows wool products to retain their shape after washing, and also does not lose its properties when wet. Its fibers are resistant to contaminants, so the gloves will clean perfectly. Well, another advantage is that moths and other microorganisms disdain synthetics.

Therefore, if you see a product on sale where non-natural fibers are present in the composition, do not rush to refuse it.

  • Double gloves with fleece. In this case, the inner part is made of soft, very pleasant to the touch material. These are most often made by unisex models — black, gray or dark blue with a minimum of patterns. Keep in mind that the fleece inside can be ordinary, synthetic, or it can be woolen, that is, 100% natural.
  • Knitted double terry gloves. Similar to fleece, only, as a rule, a little thicker due to the density of the innermost fabric. The advantage over the first two options is that:
    • firstly, terry is more pleasant to the touch than wool knit;
    • secondly, unlike classic fleece, terry is most often created on the basis of environmentally friendly cotton threads.
  • Knitted fingerless gloves. Such a transformer model is also considered extremely convenient. They have a closed thumb and a valve — a folding mitten with a button. The first, second, and third options can be used as an internal material, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Gloves with mitts. A fairly common female model. These beautiful double knitted gloves stand out from the rest due to the difference in textures, since it is usually the mittens themselves that are knitted in them — fingerless top gloves that are held by a jumper between the main part and the thumb. Inner gloves can be wool, suede or leather.
  • Usually the top and bottom parts are made separate, so you can wear them both ways.

    Glove color

    The most practical, of course, will be gray or black double knitted gloves. They are not easily soiled and will be combined with any outerwear. Refined and sophisticated ladies will suit models of noble beige or red. Young girls will surely like products of bright colors or with winter ornaments.

    If you want to add individuality, gloves can be decorated with a miniature brooch, embroidered with rhinestones or some word embroidered with colored threads.

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