insoles for summer shoes

When purchasing shoes, we do not always pay attention to how comfortable the foot is in a particular model. Sometimes we are so captivated by the design that we can even pay for an uncomfortable but beautiful last. And then problems begin, especially in the summer, when the leg also sweats a lot. Therefore, special insoles for summer shoes were invented to help you feel the long-awaited comfort.

Orthopedic insoles for summer shoes

When deciding how to choose insoles for summer shoes, pay attention to what you will wear them with. If these are sufficiently closed shoes, then it is better to choose full orthopedic summer insoles. Such insoles are also suitable for sports sneakers in which the foot sweats a lot. Such insoles should be made of natural material, preferably cotton, which will ensure proper air exchange, allow the skin of the feet to breathe and you will not experience inconvenience from sweaty feet. It is good if such insoles are additionally equipped with a special system of plant fibers, which, together with moisture, will absorb unpleasant odors. In addition, orthopedic shoes should provide the necessary support for the foot, relieving stress from some areas and evenly redistributing it over the entire area of ​​the sole. These insoles should also have a heel cushioning system that will relieve excessive stress from the heel area.

insoles for summer shoes1

Orthopedic insoles for open summer shoes

The choice of insoles for open summer shoes can become a more serious task, since here, in addition to convenience, one must also take into account the fact that such insoles should not be visible from the numerous cuts on sandals or sandals. Modern insole developers have developed a special, gel technology that allows you to perform several functions at once. Firstly, such insoles securely fix the foot in the shoe, it does not slip on the sole even with high heels and thus prevents chafing. Secondly, insoles with gel perfectly accept and redistribute the load, providing an orthopedic effect. And finally, these insoles are usually made for a specific area on the foot, which allows them to remain invisible. Now there are special gel insoles for the balls of the foot, gel heel pads, as well as special “brakes” for the feet that prevent the foot from slipping forward, even if you are wearing high-heeled shoes.