If you associate a shawl with a “grandmother’s” accessory, which is securely hidden in a secluded corner of her chest, then you are very mistaken. This real symbol of Russian beauty, femininity and comfort has gained the most popularity lately, and even the most avid fashionistas replenish their wardrobe with this interesting and spectacular little thing.

How to wear shawls

Shawls can be worn on their own or paired with your outerwear. How to wear a shawl with a coat to transform your look and become elegant and attractive? Any, even the most boring autumn or winter coat will sparkle with new colors with this accessory. Moreover, it is shawls, stoles and capes that serve us for this purpose – to decorate and bring zest to the image. You can have one or two coats and with the right combination with a shawl, you will be able to create more and more individual looks every time.

Traditionally, a shawl is thrown over a coat and tied in a knot at the chest, or the loose end is thrown over the shoulder. This is the most common and easiest way to wear this piece of clothing. If you want to diversify the usual look of wearing a shawl, use decorative brooches, and also try to put a shawl on your head like a woman’s bonnet.

There is no fundamental difference in combining this accessory with other types of clothing, you can wear both a knitted and woven shawl, combining it with a coat, jacket and even with a dress. This is especially true in the cool season, when the shawl is not only a beautiful addition to the costume, but also an excellent “heater”.

If you fall in love with this primordially Russian detail of women’s wardrobe, then there will be no question for you how to wear a shawl, because every time you take it out of the closet, you will be inspired to find interesting solutions to combine it with other clothes.