hood with fur trim

Many of the girls in childhood wore a hood. This wonderful type of headgear perfectly protected not only the head, but also the neck, and was convenient to use. As you know, fashion likes to return this season, and you again have a chance to vilify a functional, and now also a beautiful thing.

Hood — from the history of the accessory

It is worth knowing that the hood appeared much earlier than we remember. At the beginning of the 19th century the thing entered the wardrobe of maids, housekeepers and was a cross between a cap and a hat — it protected from the sun and kept the hairdo, hid the hair as much as was customary. But after 10-20 years, there was such a peak in the popularity of this headdress that even a girl from high society did not shy away from wearing it. Hoods began to be decorated with ribbons, flowers, feathers, bows. They themselves were made both from inexpensive materials — cotton, linen, straw, and from more elite ones — such as silk, velvet, wool.

Depending on the height of the woman’s hairstyle, crowns were made, but in the 30s of the 19th century. the model became fashionable, in which fields and crowns were connected. This style was relevant for about 10 years.

Hood with fur trim — a modern look at the headdress

Fur trim is not only the most fashionable today, it perfectly stops the wind and snow. And the face framed by fur is just a song of femininity. The options currently in focus are:

  1. A scarf-hood with fur is simply created to give comfort and make the image soft, free and unusually warm. This thing made of fur can be worn both as a luxurious scarf-collar — casually laid out on the shoulders, complementing a fur coat or coat with it, and as a headdress that will completely replace a tight hat that always spoils the hair.
  2. A knitted hood with fur trim is practical, well suited to classic, casual, and sports jackets, coats, down jackets. By the way, the warmest hoods are not only trimmed with fur, but are also made of yarn, which includes sheep or camel hair.
  3. A hood with fur is also a wonderful, simple, laid-back thing that can decorate any bow, and most importantly, its owner. By the way, in front such a product can be supplemented with an interesting brooch.

We should not forget that chubby beauties should pay attention to tight-fitting styles, the fair sex with an elongated face, perhaps more voluminous products are better suited.