hobo bag

The women’s hobo bag is a comfortable and roomy crescent-shaped model with a single strap to carry on the shoulder. In translation, the word “hobo” means a tramp worker. This name comes from America, where moving workers wore large bundles on a stick. The hobo bag impresses with its spaciousness and the ability to change shape depending on what you put in it. However, there are still exceptions. This model is not suitable for business bows to carry documents, and you can’t put heavy objects there because of the soft material. Initially, such bags had a long handle so that they could be hung over the shoulder. Today, designers offer stylish hobo options on a short belt made of supple material. Presentable leather hobo bags, stylish textile models with a bright print or color combination, as well as fashionable suede options are presented to the attention of fashionistas.

What to wear with a hobo bag?

Today, stylists are actively using the hobo model in street fashion and everyday bows. Such a bag is convenient not only for its practical function, but also for the ability to combine it with almost any style of clothing. A hobo bag with a casual dress will perfectly emphasize elegance and sophistication. With a stylish jacket or hobo jacket, it will give you self-confidence. With a long and light skirt, this model will complement the romantic and gentle style. In addition, a women’s hobo bag is great for sports-style clothing. Often active women and sports and gym enthusiasts use such a model to wear their uniforms.

Shoes in the image with a hobo bag should also be casual and comfortable. Sneakers, ballerinas, sandals, boots and flat boots are a great option for a bow with such an accessory. However, lovers of high platforms and heels can also safely wear a fashionable hobo.