Perfume is the essential accessory that no woman can do without. The volume of production of more and more new fragrances is growing from year to year, and perfumers have to use not only an amazing sense of taste, but also all their ingenuity in order to interest discerning ladies in their products. And although classic perfumes are still in the lead among buyers, unusual fragrances also win women’s hearts and surprise with such properties as original smells or qualities uncharacteristic of perfumes. We have compiled for you a hit parade of the most extraordinary perfumes in the world.

Top 10 unusual perfumes

  1. Anti-perfume Comme des Garcons «Odeur 53». This French brand declared itself to the world in 1963, and already in 1981 its first show was held in Paris. All those present were amazed by what they saw, and called the collection «the trend of the post-nuclear time.» And in 1994, the brand presented its collection of perfumes, which is very far from the classic and familiar aromas to the average person. Anti-perfume «Odeur 53» was released in 1995. This name was given to the perfume because they used ingredients that no one had ever used as perfume components before — the smells of nail polish, iron oxide, rubber, freshly laid asphalt, etc. In total, 53 ingredients were used in the perfume. In 2000, the brand Comme des Garcons released the perfume «Odeur 71», which includes 71 natural and synthetic ingredients.
    Odeur 53
  2. Blood Concept — «bloody» perfume. The brand was founded in 2000 and is inspired by blood, the most studied fluid in the world. Four unisex perfumes corresponding to four human blood types — that’s what the creators of the brand surprised the inhabitants. In all types of perfumes there are metallic notes — after all, this is exactly the taste of blood.
    blood concept
  3. «My DNA Fragrance» is a fragrance with the DNA of its owner. These perfumes are made to order individually based on the buyer’s DNA. A kit is sent to the customer, with the help of which he takes a DNA sample from himself. Next, the collected material is sent to the laboratory, where scientists create a fragrance that matches the taken DNA. In addition to this option, there are fragrances with the DNA of stars — for example, Marilyn Monroe.
    My DNA Fragrance
  4. Perfume for weight loss «Prends-Moi». This perfume was produced by the joint efforts of the Swiss company Veld’s and the French brand Robertet. They contain substances that, when applied to the skin, contribute to the production of endorphins, which suppress appetite. The breakdown of fats is also activated in the body due to the content in perfumes of such ingredients as carnitine, caffeine, spirulina. According to research, these perfumes actually work by reducing the desire to snack. The fragrance itself is very pleasant, classic, contains notes of citrus and bergamot.
    Prends Moi
  5. «I hate perfume» — fragrance by Christopher Brosius. The creator of this line of perfumes worked as a taxi driver in the past and managed to hate the cheap, foul-smelling perfumes used by some of his clients during his service. So the perfumer created his favorite fragrances without the use of alcohol. Among his collection are such perfumes as «Picking Apples», «Summer Kitchen» and others.
    I hate perfume
  6. «Cannabis Santal» — unisex hemp perfume. These «narcotic» perfumes went on sale in 2006. They include notes of cannabis, but the aroma is not intoxicating at all. The smell of the forest emanating from these perfumes gives peace and serenity. In addition to cannabis, the perfume contains notes of bergamot, sandalwood, patchouli, orange and chocolate.
    Cannabis Santal
  7. Perfume with a rejuvenating effect from Harvey Prince «Ageless». The anti-aging cosmetics brand has embodied the ancient idea of ​​the «elixir of youth» in the spirits «Ageless». Its composition includes such components that evoke associations associated with youth in the inhaler of its aroma. Among the ingredients are pink grapefruit, pomegranate, mango.
  8. Mono perfume «Demeter». The brand does not recognize the mixing of several fragrances in one bottle, and offers a series based on a single smell. Among the line of fragrances are perfumes with the smell of powder for children, a garden after a shower, raspberry jam, etc. The advantage of these perfumes is also that they can be mixed and create new, original flavors.
  9. Book flavors «Paper Passion». This perfume was released by the German book publisher Gerhard Steidel. They immediately fell in love with bibliophiles who love the aroma of a freshly published book. The packaging is stylized as a book volume, and the perfume itself is available in women’s and men’s versions.
    Paper Passion
  10. «Paint» from Boudicca — visible perfume. This fragrance was launched in 2008 by British designers. After spraying, the perfume leaves traces of cobalt color on the skin, which gradually disappear. The main notes of the perfume are opium, juniper, nutmeg, citrus, sage.