Over a century ago, in Herschel, Canada, Annie and Peter Alexander Cormack started their own small business, manufacturing bags and backpacks. Prior to that, they lived in Scotland, where they were engaged in the production of barrels. Business developed rapidly, but the enterprising Scots wanted something more. Over time, production expanded, and the range was replenished with clothing and accessories. In 2009, continuing the work of their forefathers, Herschel Supply Co, was headed by their great-grandchildren. Today, the men’s or women’s backpack from Herschel Supply Co is the epitome of style and quality!

Stylish accessories for every day

The choice of a backpack should be approached consciously, because it is intended not only to free your hands from the things you need at work, at the institute or while walking. A backpack, among other things, emphasizes the chosen style of clothing, harmoniously complements the image and allows you to feel freer.

Often, bags worn on the back are an addition to the sporty look, but Hershel backpacks are something more. What makes these Canadian made accessories so popular? When creating backpacks, designers take American traditions, harmony with nature as a basis, as well as a combination of functionality and stylish appearance, which is a guarantee of originality and unsurpassed quality of products. Each model emphasizes minor details that really make Herschel backpacks unique and easily recognizable. Today, Herschel Supply Co offers backpacks to admirers of its products, presented in the following collections:

  • Studio (concise models presented in black and white);
  • Bad Hills Workshop (models made of genuine leather);
  • Classics (bright textile models with leather inserts).

The Herschel Classic backpack is a combination of time-tested tradition and innovative progressive technology. Every detail is thought out in order to make the life of the backpack owner easier and brighter. Models from this collection perfectly complement informal everyday looks. But the most popular is the Herschel Supply Co Little America backpack, which can be called the brand’s bestseller. This model was developed on the basis of a vintage hiking backpack, which was an integral part of the equipment of mountain tourists. These backpacks are made from durable polyester, while functional details and decorative inserts are made from quality leatherette.

Each backpack has a pocket with a lock-clip in which you can carry your keys without worrying that they will fall out. There are also functional compartments for tablets, laptops and other gadgets. In these compartments, the bottom is reinforced. To carry these gadgets, the shoulder straps are made wide. In addition, there is a decorative appliqué logo on the front of the backpacks. In sports models, the manufacturer has provided a compartment for shoes. This is very convenient for girls who regularly visit the gym or are engaged in mountain tourism. Herschel Supply Co managed to solve the age-old problem with the discomfort of wearing backpacks on the back. Moist spots on the back are now a thing of the past, as the back panel of Herschel backpacks is made of mesh material, which provides excellent ventilation.