hats for women for summer

Summer is the time for active sun. In moderation, it is very useful, gives the skin a beautiful shade of tan, helps with the production of vitamins, saturates with energy. However, too much exposure to direct sunlight can be harmful. Therefore, it is important to choose for yourself one of the many hats for women for the summer.


Summer women’s hats are indeed numerous. But the leading positions in popularity among them are occupied by a variety of hats. They are suitable for women of any age, combined with almost any summer clothing. And the brim of the hat reliably protects the face from burning. Several types of hats will be popular this season. Firstly, these are such summer hats for women as panamas – textile hats with small soft brim that cover the face. Panamas are universal, suitable for everyone, they can be worn both in the city and on vacation. This season it is better to give preference to pastel shades. Another actual type of women’s headdress for the summer is a wide-brimmed hat. It can have a rigid shape or soft lines that allow you to bend the fields in various ways, if necessary, opening or shading the face. Another shape that you should pay attention to is the shape of a straw boater hat – a round crown with rigid shapes and small hard brim of such a hat look playful and original. With such a summer headdress for girls, you can create really interesting and non-standard sets of clothes. Summer hats are usually made of linen and cotton, as well as natural straw. It is these materials that give the greatest comfort when wearing in hot weather.

Models with a visor

Numerous fashionable summer hats with a visor did not go unnoticed this year: caps, caps and baseball caps. This piece of clothing is also relevant separately: topless visors, reminiscent of tennis players’ hats, were shown at many fashion shows this year. It is worth noting the fact that models of various baseball caps fit perfectly into sports-style looks, although, due to the rather thick textiles from which such hats are sewn, it can be quite uncomfortable to wear them while relaxing on the beach or staying outdoors for a long time. sun. This season, you should choose voluminous bright baseball caps with a wide and even visor. Their design should be bright, even flashy. Unusual colors, various inscriptions, funny applications are welcome.

Summer knitted hats for girls

Knitted hats and hats are also in fashion this summer. They will not be able to reliably protect your head from the sun, but they will perfectly cope with the task of creating a creative and fashionable kit for an evening walk or going out on a cloudy day. Typically, such masterpieces are created independently by crocheting cotton threads with the addition of synthetics. The more openwork and more difficult the knitting, the more fashionable and non-standard thing you will get. Such knitted hats are best combined with light dresses, sundresses and skirts in a romantic style.

Scarves and stoles

To determine which hat to choose for the summer, you need to try on a huge number of options. However, a fashionable scarf or tippet should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. After all, with the help of it you can create a huge amount of jewelry for the head. These are a variety of turbans, turbans and headbands, which immediately give the image a bohemian character and will be extremely fashionable in the coming summer, and scarves that reliably protect the head from the sun’s rays, and youth bandanas. Of particular note are scarves, which many designers this season offer to wear with hats, combining them on the head.