Caps cameo

The Polish brand Kamea has become famous for its stylish headwear for the spring-autumn season. The brand’s products are of high European quality, meet all standards and at the same time surprise with their variety and exclusive design. Polish caps “Kameya” combine an interesting thoughtful style and have many colors for each individual unit of the model range. This greatly simplifies the selection process.

Characteristics of headdresses “Cameo”

Designers pleased fashionistas with interesting headdresses, which are colorfully presented in the brand’s branded catalogs. International female names are used to name the hats, so choosing a product becomes even more interesting. Thus, the name ARIADNA was given to the feminine hats of the Kameya company with a convex floral print and a smooth type of knitting, but the name MARGHERITA was given to the berets Kameya2 with a knitted appliqué and a contrasting border. In addition, the brand presented hats with the names Fatima, Zoja, Nelli, Azalia, Nadia, Zlata, Julia, Laura, etc.

Polish knitted hats “Cameo” necessarily include three materials: wool, acrylic and polyamide. Sometimes inclusions are made from alpaca wool, mohair and viscose. The percentage of these inclusions is 10-30%. The main colors of the hats are white, purple, lilac, gray, black, blue, brown and burgundy. Each model is presented in several shades.

The model range of caps of the company “Kameya”

The great advantage of this brand is its diversity. Here it is fashionable to find the following models of hats:

  • hats with earflaps;
  • autumn hats;
  • berets;
  • caps and hats;
  • knitted caps.

Many women’s hats “Cameo” made in Poland are presented in the form of sets. The headpiece is complemented by an exquisite scarf, made in the same style and shade. Both products have a similar decor or print, so the set looks beautiful and elegant.

Brand designers annually release new collections dedicated to new female names and new images. Many fashionistas are looking forward to the release of seasonal headwear lines to replenish their wardrobe with a new original set of Polish production. It is important to note that the brand has branded stores in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Russia and Belarus. European quality, rich product range and moderate prices ensure a consistently high demand for Kameya brand products.