hat with two pom-poms

When choosing a headdress for the autumn-winter period, stylists this year offer women of fashion to emphasize such qualities as playfulness, intricacy and childish naivety. Women’s models with pompoms are best suited for the role of such a hat. But in order to stand out from the crowd and emphasize their individuality, the designers have released a line of fashionable women’s hats with two pompoms. In truth, everyone is already used to the styles of hats with the addition of a single pom-pom, and today you will not surprise anyone with such a hat. But two fun soft balls on your hat will perfectly decorate the look, as well as demonstrate your courage in making decisions and creating an image. Today, the choice of hats with two pompoms is so large that any fashionista can make a good choice.

Winter hat with two pom-poms

In addition to models with pom-poms made of yarn, for the warm winter period, designers presented hats with two fur pom-poms to the attention of girls. Most often, such wardrobe items are represented by knitted patterns. Stylists recommend choosing a hat with two pompoms made of fur in a color different from the headdress itself. Such an unobtrusive contrast will add freshness to the image, which is most often lacking in the cold period.

One of the most popular models this season is a hat-helmet with two fur pom-poms. In this case, pompoms can decorate both the crown of the hat and complement the ears or ribbons.

No less relevant is a hat with earflaps with two pompoms. However, this model is more suitable for a period of severe frosts. After all, such hats are mainly made of protective material and complemented by warm fur. In addition, funny pom-poms on earflaps often adorn the lower part of the ears, which allows you to combine looks by tying the pom-poms on the top of your head or leaving them hanging out covering your cheeks.