Hat with lapel

The lapel hat is in fashion today: on the pages of magazines we see models in funny hats with pompoms (or without them) and a bright print. Everyone likes this fashion, because you can make such an accessory yourself, not to mention the fact that the model is quite simple and its variations are easy to find in stores.

Advantages of women’s hats with a lapel:

  • a hat with a lapel allows you to adjust the length, and therefore in some way it is a transformer; thanks to this function, you can choose the most advantageous position, in which the face lengthens a little — pull it back a little and open the forehead;
  • thanks to the lapel, the hat can have interesting color combinations that are in fashion today: for example, the difference in shade between the pompom, base and lapel.

Models of knitted hats with a lapel

Despite the fact that the lapel hat is a certain style, it also has several variations and can be in harmony with completely opposite styles.

Hat with pompom

A hat with a lapel and a pompom is the most popular model. A hat with a large lapel and a pompom can be made of large and small knit, but if you listen to the couturier, it is still better to choose a small knit and a voluminous hat.

For the spring season, choose delicate shades of pink, beige and blue. In winter, it is enough to choose a bright and colorful hat with contrasting yarn. A voluminous hat today can be decorated with various massive brooches, placing them either in the center or on the back of the free part of the hat.

Cap with inscriptions

A double cap with a lapel, which has inscriptions, conquers world podiums today. Designers tend to place voluminous words, rhinestones in the form of applications on wide lapels. Thus, today a hat with a lapel can be combined with a classic and romantic style (hats with pom-poms in delicate shades), as well as rebellious and daring (hats with inscriptions).