Hat with fur pompom

Of course, it is quite possible to do without a warm hat in winter, but why sacrifice comfort if modern headwear models allow you to look incredibly stylish? Among the variety of models proposed by fashion designers, winter hats with a fur pompom stand out favorably. These hats for women can be called universal, because they are ideal for any outerwear, and the variety of materials used and decor features allow you to choose a beautiful hat that will be the final touch of a fashionable look.

Fashionable hats for girls

A practical, warm and comfortable women’s hat with a fur pompom will suit both a teenage girl and older ladies. As an element of decor, the pompom has long lost its «childhood». Such hats can perfectly complement the images created in popular styles such as urban, sports, youth. The most relevant and popular models are knitted hats with a fur pompom. In fact, these models are actual beanie hats. If you want to emphasize the femininity and elegance of the image, choose beanies in fine knit or models from dense jersey with a smooth texture. It is desirable that the color of the headdress belongs to pastel colors. Hats decorated with rhinestones look very touching and childishly naive.

Do you prefer sporty or casual style? Opt for chunky knits and pompoms in a contrasting color. This texture of the hat is ideal for women with large facial features, as it softens them and makes them less noticeable. To create an image in a youth style, knitted hats with earflaps with a pompom are suitable. They can be worn with down jackets in a sporty style, and with fashionable parks.

Today, the choice of models is quite wide, as is the price range of such hats. The quality of hats depends on what materials the designers used to create them. The most practical and warm are Italian hats with fur pompoms, which are made from merino wool. These models are presented in the collections of trademarks Visio, Patrizia Pepe, Inverni. It is worth noting that the products of the companies listed above are not cheap. But Polish hats with fur pom-poms (Loman, Achti, Kamea, Agata), which are not inferior in quality, are more affordable. Domestic manufacturers also deserve attention, among which the most popular is the brand of knitted items BAN.