Stylish hats, as well as well-chosen handbags or shoes, can give your simple and casual or festive look an original “zest”. In addition, with the help of accessories, you can set the mood for the image and, so to speak, the atmosphere. Therefore, each representative of the fair sex should have an arsenal of various accessories in her wardrobe, among which stylish hats must also be present. It can be something classic or even some unusual and bright models. The latter include hats with cat or bear ears that have recently become popular. Such a headdress will become a bright and flirty accent of any image.

“Eared” classic

In general, a hat with ears is the accessory that is perfect for a self-confident girl who likes to look stylish, flirtatious and unusual. Unlike knitted hats with ears, felt hats are still more versatile. Hats of this kind are still more suitable for young people, as they look quite funny, albeit stylish. But the felt hat with ears is just a classic, to which new and interesting details have been added, that is, in fact, the ears themselves. But if these ears are removed, then the hat becomes an amazing example of a classic and stylish headdress. The ears only give this headdress a touch of some flirtatious originality, but they in no way detract from the classic charm. That is why such a hat, in principle, is suitable for almost any age. The main thing is the ability to wear it stylishly.

It is very pleasing that hats with ears are of various models. The most common and popular, without a doubt, bowlers with ears. But there are also hats that are shaped like berets, and also look like caps with short and rounded visors. A fairly large selection of hats with ears is offered by the Zara brand. So every fashionista will be able to find the hat that will be to her taste and to her face.