hairpins from foamiran

Handmade hairpins have always been considered something unusual, and most importantly, individual. Hair accessories occupy a special place in the life of every woman, because they adorn the hair and become an excellent addition to any look. Recently, foamiran hairpins have gained particular popularity. This is not surprising, because in appearance they are practically indistinguishable from natural flowers. In addition, such works are very original and unique.

Some women of fashion prefer to wear such hairpins exclusively on holidays. However, this choice is purely individual.

Hairpins with foamiran flowers — for those who like to be stylish

Today, few people know about such a magnificent material as foamiran, which is also called plastic suede, foam or revelure. He is from Iran. What is the uniqueness of foamiran? Everything is very simple. When heated, it is easily processed and perfectly changes its shape as the master wishes. Foamiran hair clips can be placed on the following bases:

  • elastic;
  • crest;
  • hairpin;
  • clip;
  • automatic hairpin.

Such a basis is always standard, because the master pays the main attention to the creation of the decorating element itself. When the flower is ready, it is simply glued or sewn to the selected base.

Hairpins and headbands from foamiran — it’s safe!

One of the most positive qualities of a material such as foamiran is that it is completely non-toxic. Therefore, it can be worn not only by adults, but also by small children. Foamiran is an innovative material with endless potential for creativity. Therefore, you can purchase foamiran hair clips for any color, type and shape. Among other things, foamiran is a fairly inexpensive material, therefore, in finished form, the craft has quite affordable prices.

You can also emphasize your beauty and dignity with the help of such decorations as foamiran crab hairpins. This mount allows you to significantly expand the possibilities for creating beautiful hairstyles. Surprisingly, if the jewelry gets dirty, this is not a reason to throw it away, because the material is easy to hand wash.

Rubber bands and hairpins made of foamiran are always not easy beautiful, but also incredibly feminine!

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